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Amidst The Storm

All of us face them at one point or another…days filled with turmoil, grief, hopelessness, despair and loss.  A warning isn’t always issued to let you know it’s about to happen, but circumstances shift and move in undesirable directions and we have a choice to make when they do.

We can either cave under the pressure of the pain, blame others around us, weep as to why did this have to happen to me or become angry and hateful to everyone and anyone we come in contact with.  Or we can admit this is not what we imagined for ourselves, this hurts and I never thought I could cry this long but there are still blessings in my life and soon enough the clouds will part, the rain will cease, the winds will calm and the sun will shine down upon me; warming my face with it’s heat and it’s light.  My path will become clear, the shadows will be no more and I can begin to live again.

For many who step foot into The Salvation Army, they are coming in out of the rain; the storms of their life.  They may be hungry, need clothes, counseling, work, shelter and most importantly hope.  They see the Shield like a beacon that radiates love and allows them to feel safe for the first time in a very long time.  They embrace the opportunities and make a decision that they won’t allow the potholes of life to trip them up or trap them any longer.  They are ready to fight, they are ready to win and because of the money you donate to The Salvation Army, they have the tools they need to succeed; to transform and to once again feel the sunlight upon their face.

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