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Our Donors

The Salvation Army has been around in Nashville for 125 years, and there are a lot of circumstances, blessings, and reasons we are still going strong after all this time. First and foremost, we are still here because there is still a need. As long as poverty grips the lives of our brothers and sisters, The Salvation Army will be present, lending a meal, a bed, a listening ear, or a hand.

We also recognize that there is no way we would be able to accomplish our work without the consistent and faithful support of our donors. Each day, we are blessed to receive the gifts that the faithful citizens of Middle Tennessee so generously bestow upon this very grateful organization. It is important to our staff that we personally thank as many of our donors as we possibly can. It is a blessing to be able to speak to those who support us and find out why The Salvation Army means so much to them. One lovely lady explained just recently that The Salvation Army was “her Christmas as a child,” and for that reason, she continues to give. Generous veterans remember the work of The Salvation Army during wartime, and want to give back whether they have plenty or little. Many appreciate The Salvation Army’s reputation for being able to pour $.82 of each dollar directly into programs that help our neighbors.

We are very encouraged by our donors who inspire us to remember the good that was done to us and to continue passing it on as long as we are able. While many of our donors wish to remain quiet and anonymous, just know that we know who you are, you know who you are, and we wish we could thank you all a thousand times over day after day for lifting us up with your gifts and contributions.

With each gift from our donors – whether it is $25 or $25,000 – a major investment is being made into the lives of those in poverty who come through our doors.

If you have not yet made such an investment, but feel called to, we encourage you to give as the Lord enables you to. We encourage you to partner with us with your resources to give one of your neighbors a second chance. Please visit www.morethanakettle.org to become a part of our generous community.

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