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Men’s Services: Car Donations & Operation Bootstraps

Did you know that The Salvation Army accepts car donations? bootstraps2 Better yet, did you know that proceeds from the sales of car donations go straight into our Operation Bootstraps program? If you’re not familiar with Operation Bootstraps, it is long-term transitional housing program specifically for men. Each resident has his own living space for up to one year, though typically transitions between 6 to 8 months. Participants are highly motivated individuals who are homeless, and have been drug and alcohol-free for at least 30 days. All residents are given opportunities to be equipped with necessary tools to obtain a job within their first two weeks, and are assigned to a case manager to assist them with job readiness, money management, and other classes (such as GED completion) through our Life Skills Learning Center. Rent is paid on a sliding scale, according to ability to pay. By evolving from a shelter into a long-term transitional housing program, we expect a higher rate of long-term success for participants to live independent and satisfying lives. Car donations offer you a unique way to help your community. Whether these gentlemen are newly released from prison with nowhere to go, eager to end lifelong dependence on alcohol or drugs, or victims of any one of the many and complex issues that can lead any of us to homelessness, these are men who are ready to make a change for their futures and the futures of those they hold dear, and your vehicle donations are helping us to help them accomplish that. Car donations begin with a donor who simply needs to get rid of a vehicle of which they are no longer in need. After delivering the vehicle to The Salvation Army, these donations are then taken to our partner, Colson Auctions, to be sold on the first or third Thursday of the month, and the proceeds from those sales come directly back to Operation Bootstraps. Donors are then provided with a receipt for the gross proceeds from the sale.

Do you have a vehicle you need to get rid of? Now you can take care of just that while also helping someone else along! Click the image below to find out how you can donate the road ahead for men transitioning to a better life. banner_300x250[2]

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