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No Fences

IMG_3749Every year, The Salvation Army embarks on a 30 minute trip to a farm out in the middle of Cheatham County with families from our various programs.  The mission?  To enjoy a Day on the Farm, an experience that vastly differs from the concrete and brick, traffic and combustion that frequents the neighborhoods in which they reside.

As the bus makes its way down winding roads, the noses of curious children are pressed hard against the windows taking in the foliage of changing leaves, while catching a glimpse of hawks flying overhead as they drift from tree top to tree top.  The bus parks and a hay ride transports the families to where the farm awaits.  A large lake filled with fish sits patiently, anxious for the fishing poles that will soon adorn it’s shores.  The grill, set amongst dulled red brick, contains gleaming coals that slowly cook the hamburgers and hot dogs.

The hayride stops and the families step out onto the soft green grass.  Children immediately run to the large tire swing or in the direction of the lake.  Peals of laughter and chatter can be heard throughout the farm and adults smile and observe from the luxury of the front porch swing and folding chairs.

The key word here is “relaxation” escaping the hustle and bustle of an every day existence, to simply stopIMG_3763 and just be.  To allow children to run and play, to laugh and to explore.  For parents, it’s a time to rest and find some momentary peace that may be hard to grasp in their daily routine.  The Salvation Army in partnership with Kiwanis of Nashville, looks forward to awarding this gift to our families each and every year.  And when it’s all over and the families head back to Nashville, the smiles that continually remain on their faces is all the thanks we need.  Our mission and ministry is to bless and to serve, to honor and to provide and since 1890 here in Nashville, this is exactly what we have been able to do!  Thank you to all of our partners, including the Vanderbilt CKI  for their many volunteers and The Spirit of Gold Vanderbilt Drum Line who perform an amazing number every year during this event and to our amazing donors who help to make this event and all of our other events and programs successful and life changing!

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