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KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAThat’s how we feel at The Salvation Army here in Nashville.  Words cannot adequately describe how we feel when it comes to the contribution of time and talent from our amazing volunteers!  Thousands upon thousands of volunteers have entered our buildings seeking ways to give back since 1890 and for their service we are eternally grateful.

Every volunteer who holds the hand of a child, provides a shoulder to someone who weeps, wraps their arms around someone alone, serves a meal to someone who is hungry and shares a coat with someone who is cold has created impact not just for the moment but for life.  To those who have assisted with administrative duties,  fielded phone calls in our office,  coached sports, taught classes, sorted gifts at Christmas and rang bells for programs, you have planted the seeds of change in the lives of generations to come.jenny morgan

We pray, we do not miss a single name but we would like to thank the many volunteers who served over the past year.

*Our thanks to:

1st United Methodist of Springfield
Aaliyah Nicholson
Aaron Gumpenberger
Aim Health
Alena Lopez
Alesia Schultz
Alex Soundara
Alexander Gordon
Alexandria Robinson
Alice Ann Barge
Alice Walton
Alicia Fletcher
Alison Grewing and Friends
Alissa Price
Allison Smith
Alva Wilk
Alysia Jimcoily
Amanda Bennett Family
Amanda Bilbrey and Friend
Amanda Blackrd-Scott
Amanda Eblen and Friends
American Society of Civil Engineers
Amie Hinton-Robertson
Amy Barker
Amy Smotherman and Friends
Amy Steele
Anchor Artist
Andrea French
Andrea McCormick
Andrea Walter and Family
Andrea Yancey
Andrew La Haie
Andy Bonami
Angela and Doresha Blakely
Angela Maxie
Angela Simmons
Angela Simpson
Angela Suscha and Friends
Angela Weatherbie
Angelic Fredricks
Angelica Blanco
Angie Coonrod
Angie Kaczor
Angie Lex
Angie Wheeler
Anisha Longmire
Anita Hermes
Anita Malone
Ann Lawtonbach
Ann Middlebrook
Anna Dean and Friend
Anna Marie
Annie Crandall
Aresha Hilliard
Ariel Evans
Arron Bennett
Arthur and Jean Irvin
Ashlea Byram
Ashley and Brian Oaks and Friend
Ashley Gorley
Ashley Johnson
Ashley Jones
Ashley Pennell
Avon Moore
Bailey Scogin
Baker Donelson Law
Banana Republic Factory Store
Bank of Nashville
Barabara Kinkead and Friends
Barbara Hern
Barbara Williamson
Barbara Wooten
Montgomery Bell Academy
Becca Fendley
Becca Ousler
Bechy Szymanski and Friends
Bell Hayden
Bella Culp
Beth Ross
Beth Zaborny
Betty Ann Norling
Betty Douglas
Betty Johnson
Beverly Haulk
Biff Porter
Bill and Carolyn Hoffman
Bill Dick
Billie Brown and Friend
Billy Bartlett
Billy Fields
Billy Haley and Friends
BK Moore
Bob Crenshaw
Bob Porter
Bob Rittenberry
Boyle Group
Brandi Boyd
Brandi Simms
Brayhan Valencia
Breauna Hulbutta
Brenna Vanliere
Brennan Frazier
Brett Andacht
Brian Otuonye
Briney Ramirez
Brittany Mason
Brittany Scott
Brittany Stultz
Brittany Toth and Friend
Bruce Roberts
Burt Powers
Caleb Gorley
Callie Smith
Cameron Dean
Cara Galyon
Carey Susan
Cari Hartlage
Carless Dance
Carole and Tom Pulliam
Caroline Benoist and Friend
Caroline Glen
Caroline Sheridan
Carolyn Craig
Carolyn Yates
Carrie Matthews
Carrie Wilsman
CAT Financial
Cathy Childers
Cathy Shull
CC Lawncare
Celia Jones
Center for Student Ministry Mission Groups
Charity Collier
Charity Collier
Charles Bryan
Charles Yebuah
Charlie Finchum
Charlotte Hermes
Charlotte Witteler
Chelsea Kempchinsky
Chelsea Kennedy
Chivonne Peeler
Chris Ammerman
Chris Coombs
Chris Weinmann
Chrisitie Cardwell White and Friends
Christ Church
Christa Flanders
Christie Jones
Christina Fetherolf
Christina Harris
Christine and Bill Stevens
Christoper Parker Family
Christy Ashford
Christy Hood
Cieaira Covington
Claire Miles
Claudia Smelser
Clay Faircloth
Cornelius & Collins
Cornerstone Commercial Real Estate Services
Cornerstone Youth Ministries
Corps of Engineers
Courtney Gregg and Friend
Coysalt Service Church Group
Craig Joseph Famly
Crosspoint Church
Crossraods Church
Crosswinds Community Church
Crystal Downing and Friends
Cumberland University
Cummins Filtration
Curhon Jamison
Dailia Adams
Dan Hogan and Friends
Dan Looper
Dana Leigh
Dana Zelenik
Dania Amin
DaNielle Arthurs
Danielle Broadrick
Dave Hart
Dave Ramsey Company
David Enzor
David Gomez
David Huggins
David Woodward
Davie Haggard
Dayna Lovelady
Deb Leinart
Debby Persch Family
Debra Mathis
Dee Coffman
Dee Dee Ralston
Deena Williamson
Deidre Butler
Dena Payne
Denise Jackson
Dennis and Vickie Osmera
Derek Evert
Desiree Keoneth
Desiree Moore
Devon Hymare
Diamond Carter
Diana Whiddon
Diane Curtis
Diane Smith
Diersen Charities
Dillon Briscoe
Dismas House
Dixie Heagy
Don Brown
Dona Dyer
Donna Barber
Donna Coode
Donna Palmer
Dottie Heteal
Doug Remke and Family
Dustin Wilson
Dusty Knapp
Dylan Treloar
Ed and Victoria Novi
Eddie and Sandy McLemore
Edma Salyer
EJ Boyson
El Marie Skipper
Eleanor Bass
Elizabeth Weller
Ellen Randall
Ellen Sadler
Eloise Ferguson
Emily Kroll
Eno Eyo
Epsworth UMC
Erica McManus and Friends
Erika Cravath
Erin Gordon
Erin Rion
Etta Wilson
Eve Hinz
Evelyn Anderson
Everton and Eboni Herron
Fabra Belk
FIS, Inc.
Frances Neal
Frances Neal and Friends
Frances Ragland
Frank and Diann Harden
Frank John Potter
Frank Wilk
Fred Smith
Gabrielle Eliott
Gail Pusey
Garrett Wright
Gary Slaughter
Gayle Cherry
Gayle Streeter and Family
Genee Spears
Gerry and Judy Lonsway
Gina McKinless
Ginnie Donaldson
Ginny Mayes
Ginny Newell and Family
Girl Scout Troop 1115
Glasko Smith Line
Glenda Bashor
Gloria B. Gillespie
Goodlettsville Cumberland Presbyterian Church
Gordon Chavez
Grady Douglas
Greater Church of Nashville
Gus and Carolyn Gustafson
Hailey Treloar
Hannah Greeley
Hastings Company
Heath Herrington
Heather Johnson
Heather McGlothlin
Heather Patton
Heather Sczepczenski
Heather Thomason
Heidi White
Helen Dale
Home 2 Suites by Hilton
Honey Rodgers
Hope Kenerly
Ina Hitt
Inglewood Baptist Church
Ingram Entertainment
Invested Productions
Irene Oquendo
Iron Mountain Inc.
Jack Cook
Jacquelaine Vest
Jaime and Brad Waldschmidt
Jame Oquin
James Devine
James Devine
Jamestown UMC
Jane Haynes and Family
Jane Tacker and Family
Janet and John Giglione
Janet Harvill
Janet Keith
Jarad Pennell
Jared Wall
Jasmine Harris
Jason Shain Pachter and Friend
Jay Fleming
Jean Hart
Jean Parlavecchio
Jeni. N. Waldrop
Jennifer Bridgeforth
Jennifer Lamroeaux and Friends
Jenny Kitchen
Jermeka Grace
Jerry Herman
Jeseca Spencer
Jessalynn Whyte
Jessica Emery
Jessica Harvey
Jessica Hudson
Jessica Summers
Jessie Wiens
Jesue Flemin
Jill C. Baker
Jill Jones and Friends
Jillian Zurliene
Jimmy SpradleyJimmy Wayne
Joan Jones
JoAnn Washington
Joanne Slaughter
Johanna Turner
John Anderson
John Duncan and Friends
Johnny Phipps
Jonathan Maharaj
Josh Riebel
Josh Windham
Joshua Wilson
Joslyn Alvarez
Joyce Jeffers
Joyce Vorhees
Judi Echols
Judie and Ben Snyder
Judy Wiens
Julia Cantrell
Julia Harrison
Julia Howley
Julia Spalding
Julia Yeager
Julie Cantrell
Julie Griffin
June Manning
K. Alexis Gunn and Friends
Kaitlyn Parks
Kala Ealy
Karen Bambas
Karen Morlan
Katherine Jabbi
Kathy Davis
Katrina Coomer
Katrina Hurt
Katy Robbins
Kavon Seay
Kayce Boyd
Keith and Tennessee Hoffman
Keith Grant
Keith Ridley
Kelly Hibbet and Friends
Kelly Maupin
Kelly Woodis
Kelsey Vickers
Ken O’Shea
Ken Warren
Kendra Gipson and Friends
Kenny and Angeta Vetetoe
Kevin Buchanan
Kevin Lake
Kevin Miller
Kevin Wolf
Kiara Henry
Kim Brake
Kim Winters
Kimberly Anderson and Friend
Kimberly Vega
Kirk Martin
Kiwanis Club
Kristi Sweeney
Kristina Clohesy
Kristina Lorenz
Kristy Denson
Landon Southerland
LaQuita Carter
La’Tosha Phillips
LaTrece and Cierra Brown
Laura Bush and Friends
Laura Greer
Laura Huftless
Laura Ketola
Laura Miles
Laura Robertson
Laura Starnes
Laurel Kroder and Friends
Lauren Cassity
Lauren Griffin
Lauren Levy
LaVondia Careter
LaVondia Jones
LEAD Academy
Lee Bartlett
LeeAnn Woodby
Len and Carolyn Manley
Lena Boyd
Leslie Nelson and Friends
Leslie Watt
Let It Shine Gymnastics
Libbey Reggans
Lightning Source Inc.
Lillie Turner
Linda and Ed Cox
Linda and Ralph Green
Linda Faye Gray
Linda Hendon
Linda Satterwright
Lindsay Mihalcik
Lindsey Bradley
Lindsey Hyde
Lipscomb University
Lisa Blake
Lisa Gordon
Lisa Thompson
Lisa Torrens and Family
Lisa Zekany
Liz Turner
Lorna Schmittou Karr and Friend
Lu Rocker
Lucinda Weatherford
Lucy Carpentar
Luke Franks
Lyndhurst Community Church
Lynn Perry
Magan Dobbs and Friend
Maggie Bailey
Mandy Roberts
Marc Porter
Marci Munchak
Margaret Thomas
Marge Janiak
Marge Showers
Marianne DeMeyers
Marie Alexander
Marie Fugua
Mark Russell
Markeela Johnson
Markisha Thompson
Marsha Reeder
Martha Davis
Marty May
Mary Ann Somers and Friends
Mary Bennett
Mary Bowles
Mary Cunningham
Mary Ellen Vanderwilt
Mary Emily Powell
Mary Emily Thomas
Mary Evelyn Denton
Mary Hamilton Chestnut
Mary Katherine Barranco
Mary McDonald
Mary Morley
Mary Oneal
Mary Wallace
Mason Riley
Matt Clinard
Matt Keffer
McKensey Crawford
Megan Jacobs
Megan Welshofer
Mei Zhi
Melanie Jay
Melanie Wright
Melissa Chamberlain
Melissa Humphres
Melissa Stephenson and Friend
Mendi and Brian McCord
MeRita Vest
Metro Government
Michael Miller
Michele Brown
Michelle Cutright
Michelle Evans
Michelle Mansour
Mickey Clark and Friends
Mickey Harrison
Misty Antomattei
Mix 92.9
Molly Dend and Friends
Mona Thompson
Monique Hodges
Monique Reed and Friends
Morgan Petek
Mother Daughter Serving Circle
Mount Juliet Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Ms. Bonnie
Mt. Juliet Christian Academy
Mt. Zion Church Youth Group
Murica Mixon
Myra Leathers
Nadja Ritter
Nancy Goggins and Friends
Nancy Hopper
Nashville Chamber of Commerce
Nashville Fire Department
Nashville Predators
Nashville Sounds
Natalie Buckwalter and Friend
Natalie Raketich
Nathan Hurlbert
Nathan Ratcliff
Nedrianna Brunt
Nelson and Mullins
Nicole Knott
Nicole Langlois
Nicole Spaller
North Highland
Oasis Center
Omar Childress
Omari Whyte
Paige Bingham
Pam Atwell
Pam Beziat
Pam Sheridan
Pamela Langston
Pat and Joe McCauley
Pat and Steve Seale
Pat Mynatt
Patricia Gill and Friend
Patricia Lane
Patricia Michael
Patricia Netherly
Patsy Wergel
Patty Hendricks
Patty Jones
Paul Hendricks
Paula Chesser
Peggy Carpenter
Peggy Raney
Peggy Smith
Peggy Studney
Phi Beta Sigma
Phillip Waters
Phyllis Madsen
Piper Black
Polly Linden and Family
Power Consulting
Quiniesha Herndon
Rachel Ansley
Rachel Early
Rachel Southerland
Rachel Stevens
Ramsey Raybeck
Randi Butler
Randy Johnson
RaShonda Harris
Ravenwood High School
Ray Hayles
Ray Lowe and Friends
Rayna Ritter
Rebecca and Katie Appleton
Regen Byrd
Regina, Autumn, and Cody Glass
Rehobeth UMC
Rena Johnson
Renata Dash
Renata Dash’s Girl Scout Troop
Renay Chavez
Renee Orlando
Renita Burgett
Rev Davis
Revolution Church
Rhoer Club
Richard Prescott
Robin Alexander
Robin Corindo
Robin Levine
Ron Harmon
Rosalind Reid
Rosaline Mills
Rose Shaw
Rosemary Boone
Ruby Hampton
Ruth Cannon
Ruth Stockell
Ryan Kilpatrick
Sadie Gorley
Sally Galloway and Friend
Sam Harwell
Sandra Broadnax and Friends
Sandy and Eddie McLemore
Sandy Bergquist
Sandy Stephenson
Sara Christi
Sara Hooker
Sarah Carpenter
Sarah Christie
Sarah Educate
Sarah Logan
Sarena Egan
Scott Piersa
Scottesna Henderson
Sertoma Club
Shade Tree Clinic
Shannon and Dan Eldridge
Shannon Collins
Sharon Clayborn
Sharon Simmons
Shashi Menon
Sherry Gray
Sherry Howell
Sherry Templeton
Sheryl Day and Friends
Shetika Raymer
Shirley K. Fletcher
Sierra Pruitt
Sina’e Verner
Sonny and Joann Ponder
Southwestern Group
Specialty Cares
Stacey Darron
Stacy Toumie
State of TN Treasury Dept.
Stephanie Dunavant
Stephanie Jacobs
Stephanie Logan
Stephanie Murray
Stephanie Russell
Stephen Austin Carter
Stephen Carter
Steve and Deb LaForge
Stoner Creek Elementary
Sue Edwards
Sue Smith
Sue Strayhorn
Suntrust Bank
Susan Albano
Susan Creagh
Susan Foster and Family
Susie Woolwine
Suzanne Hurt
Sylvia Nodoni and Family
Sylvia Whitefield
Tammy Key
Tammy Sykes
Tankia Hale
Tanya Gilyard and Family
Tanya Wilson
Taquonna Little
Tately Jennings
Taylor Fields
Tennessee State University
Tennessee Titans
Teresa Beaty
Terri Sneed and Friend
The Downey Family
The Foss Family and Friends
The Malone Family
The Michael Family
The Nashville Choir
The Ranch
The Salvation Army Advisory Board
The Salvation Army Women’s Auxillary
The West Family
Theresa Merril
Theresa Portilla
Theresa Treloar
Tia Charles and Family
Tie Odom
Tiffany Bearden
Tim Holmes
Tim Underwood
Timothy Logan
Timothy Woody
Tina Morris
Tina Morris
Tina Pugh and Family
Tina Tuggle
Tisha Hood and Family
TN Air National Guard
Tonya Holland
Tonya Reed
Torey Henry
Tracy Frazier
Tracy Jabbar
Tracy Spence
Trevecca Nazarene University
Trey Smith
Trish and Mitch Parker
Trisha Blackburn
Tristar Health
Troy Slay
TSA Berry Street Corp Members
TSA Citadel Corp Youth Group
TSA Hispanic Corp Members
TSA Laotian Corp Members
Twyla Copedge
Tyler Spradling
Ulonda Whitehead
United Way
University of Dayton Alumni
University of Phoenix
University of Tennessee Alumni
Valerie Wilson
Vanderbilt Atheltics
Vanderbilt School of Medicine
Vanderbilt University
Vanderbilt’s Presbyterian Student Fellowship
Vanderbilty Sports Medicine
Vanessa Fry
Vanguard Health Systems, Inc.
Virginia Ripey
Walker Mathews/RC Mathews
Wanda and Jennifer Dunlap
Wanda Jeans
Webb School
Wells Fargo
Wendy Collier
Wendy Rutherford
Wendy Vanliere
Whites Creek High School AFJROTC
Word Entertainment
Wray Estes
Yasmin Harris
Yeissa Irizarry and Friend
YMCA of Mid. TN
YMCA of Mid. TN Boys and Girls Club
Zack Deck
Zander El-Hindi
Zion Missionary Church
Zyria Harris

*names are based on sign in sheets for events/programs, etc.

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