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Love Will Always Live Here

familyWe are nearing the end of February and as you may or may not have noticed, our “Love Lives Here” posts have been sporadic at best.  Within the realms of any non profit, you will find that employees generally wear many different hats and are responsible for a myriad of various duties that are all equally important for the common good of the organization as a whole.  At times, one particular area may demand more attention than the other and thus the focus needs to be readjusted for a moment.  But, here I am to close out the month and let you know that no matter how busy all of us become, no matter how many “to do” items are on our list minus the check marks to signify they are complete, no matter the meetings that need attending or the papers that need filing or the forms that need submitting, every single employee and officer never fails to catch a vision of the lives being impacted and changed here at The Salvation Army.

Even if we are in a meeting, a client or employee (past and present) can walk by and we stop what we’re doing to offer hugs, smiles and conversation with a friend!  As we diligently type away on reports, memos, or the completion of a grant, we will always stop, get up and walk around to see what’s happening around the building, to see if we can’t snag an opportunity to bounce a basketball with some youth at our community center, admire the beautiful artwork of students in our after school program or read stories to infants and toddlers here in our transitional housing program.

We could have meetings scheduled all day, but will intentionally carve out time so we can come in early and feed our “street family” girl fishingbreakfast on board our Breakfast Brigade, stay late and work with adults in our GED and computer classes or feed the homeless under the Jefferson street bridge with our Soup Wagon program. During the holidays, staff and officers can be found on Thanksgiving and Christmas serving meals to the homeless at our 631 Dickerson Pike location and even driving a bus to head out and collect those who may not have a means to get here.  During Angel Tree, we are working 10-12 hour days without realizing it because of the love we have for the families we are serving.  The temps can be cold, the wind can blow and the rain can fall, but you can find us ringing bells, sharing the sound of hope with those around us encouraging them to donate change for change in the lives of  our brothers and sisters.

The beauty of the team we have here in Nashville is we all pitch in, we all come to the aid of another, we are here to uphold and support the mission and most importantly encourage and love those we have the honor of serving through the various programs we offer.  Love will always live here as long as we keep God first, seeking his wisdom and guidance in all things.  God is love; a true example for us all and so throughout the year and for years to come, love will be here.  It will be here when we hold the hand of another lifting them out of the pit of despair and onto solid ground built on a foundation of hope.  It will be here as employees and officers support one another in our respective fields; edifying, encouraging and helping when times become challenging.  It will be here when a lost soul walks through our door, seeking to know the truth and we have the chance to share how much God loves them and how on a cross, Jesus died for them, a sacrifice of love so that they may know true freedom.

Love lives here, love lives everywhere.  It’s not just a word to be spoken but an action to be taken.

Blessings to you all!

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