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Need Some Inspiration – Part II

Welcome to Part II in our Need Some Inspiration series!  You met Daniel, now we’d love for you to meet Sarah Mallory!
I met Sarah a couple of years ago at church and she was nothing short of sweetness mixed with sunshine.  Sarah loves life and treasures opportunities where she can give back and help others.  Sarah has been a runner since high school and shared with me this year that she is excited to participate in this years Bridge 2 Bridge race.  So, how did Sarah get into running?  Why does she do it? And why does she support The Salvation Army?  Well, here she is!
“I had been jogging here and there since I was a senior in high school and then one day got a running guide book and followed its suggested program that guaranteed running at a faster consistent pace. I followed it exactly and in 10 short weeks was off and never looked back. I began running consistently in 2008 and have since run 5k’s, 10k’s, and 1/2 marathons. My long term goals are to continue to improve my pace and time as well as mileage. A goal is to run a full marathon in 2013 and to also complete a 1/2 marathon per year.
I look forward to running every week about 3 times a week due to the time it allows me to be with myself, my thoughts,  and my breathing.  I find that with each run especially a long one, I feel so much more relaxed and confident. As a mother of a 10 month old and a social worker with a busy schedule, running gives me time to myself and to achieve my fitness goals.  I also love running because I can take it anywhere I go and I love to explore new routes and roads to run. For me running is the one of the most worthwhile activities I can do and plan run as long as my body allows it!
Running also provides me with quiet time to be with God and to see nature and all of the beauty of the great outdoors. There have been times I didn’t think I could keep going the extra mile when training for half marathons and I know it was  God who helped get me through it as he does with all of my obstacles!
This race is so appealing to me just knowing it can assist in helping families enjoy Christmas and have hope. Promoting awareness about the The Salvation Army Angel Tree program can hopefully further encourage our community to help these families out and let children celebrate Christmas this year.
I believe all runners at any pace or distance are still runners and sometimes just getting on your running shoes and registering for the race is the hardest part. There are always others to compliment your pace and goals and you’re never alone! It ends up being so much fun and such an accomplishment, while always serving great causes. It’s totally normal to feel nervous at first..but once you get into your run..see folks cheering you on..and have your vision in mind, it’s all worth it. I will say that running can be addicting though…so watch out ,this race more than likely, wont be your last one!”
Join Sarah and countless other racers on December 1 as we run for angels at the Bridge 2 Bridge 4 mile race/1 mile walk to benefit The Salvation Army!  For more information on registering and/or fund raising for this event, please click here!

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