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Need Some Inspiration? Part I

Our Bridge 2 Bridge 4 mile Run/1 Mile walk is just around the corner and in light of this amazing event that benefits The Salvation Army in Nashville, we are featuring a couple of runners who have a heart for others and a determination to stay healthy, mind, body and soul!

Meet Daniel Escue!  I met him last year at our Angel Tree warehouse.  Daniel had arrived early to pick up his race packet but they weren’t quite ready so Daniel immediately asked how he could help.  He was directed to me and I showed him the wooden rail carts full of toys that needed to be placed in their corresponding bag, matching number with number.  He went to work and an hour later, he had completed 2 large carts.  Daniel also raised $500 through his fundraising page with I Run for The Party, the event management company who sponsors this race.  Daniel was a blessing to many angels that Christmas with each step that he took across the 3 bridges and with each bag he carefully placed and sorted in the warehouse.  So how did he find us to help?  How did he get into running?  I’ll just let him tell you!

“15 years ago this past October, I was involved in a bad car wreck and almost lost my left leg from the knee down.  At that point, I wasn’t even sure about walking, let alone running.  After the accident, I wasn’t really active, just let life happen and soon found myself unhealthy, over 50 pounds overweight, just not in a good place.

Then, in 2011 some life changing events happened in my family that made me realize I’m not getting any younger and I need to take care of myself.  In June 2011, I started long, brisk walks that eventually turned into jogging, which soon turned into running.  On Father’s day, I entered my first race which was a 5k and it was all uphill (or preferably down hill for runners) from there 🙂  I began eating healthier as well and before I knew it, it was August (my birthday) less then 3 months since I’d began running and 60 lbs lighter. I felt and looked better than I’d ever had before.

To date, I’ve completed over 30 races,  16 of those were half marathons, 2 Triathlon Sprints and, ten 5ks. I also ran the Bridge 2 Bridge 4 mile run and will be running it again this year to help raise money for the Salvation Army Angel Tree program. I support the Salvation Army because I believe in what they are doing year round. Last year, I experienced just a glimpse of it when I went down and helped sort out a warehouse full of toys!!

Running has changed my life and I believe it could change anyone’s for the better. Whether you “Run It Fast” or walk it, what counts is just being out there!

Join Daniel on December 1 as we run for angels!  For more information on how to register and/or fund raise with the Bridge 2 Bridge 4 Mile Race/1 Mile Walk, click here!

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