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With Many Thanks…….

Our National Advisory Board along with officers and staff from around the United States, including Former First Lady of the United States, Laura Bush and her daughter Jenna Bush-Hager came to town last week.  We hosted a breakfast in the morning and later that night, we presented a 2 hour program in the gymnasium of The Salvation Army Magness Potter Community Center.  The goal?  To share what’s been happening over the past several years here at The Salvation Army in Nashville and the lives of those who have been impacted by the programming.

The night would not have been possible without our production and tech crew and companies who donated their services to help make this event unforgettable.  We wanted to recognize the very talented and giving companies who made this happen!

Invested Productions provided us great insight and planning into the production of the event which included fabric that encircled the room with images of our programs displayed in harmony with each speaker.  We shared the vision and they creatively made it come to life incorporating techniques never used in that type of setting!  Big thanks to Jon Allen and his amazing staff at Invested Productions!

DWP Live donated close to a million dollars worth of video equipment for this event and provided the very talented crew to accompany it.  The images displayed, the colors, depth and quality was a blessing as it drew in the audience, enabling them to feel like they were present in each picture shown.  Congrats to Tennessee based DWP Live for being awarded the NEXT Award which is Excellence and Entrepreneurship.  We’re not surprised, as they provided the projectors/crew for the Super Bowl Half Time show last year and created an amazing ambiance for our National Advisory board dinner.  Thanks again to DWPLive!

Lights, camera, action!  You can’t have one without the other and thanks to the folks at Delta Stage Lighting, we had beautiful lighting for this event.  As each speaker stood and shared, the lights fell in a soft subtle, yet enchanting way, reflecting beautifully off the dark carpet highlighting the images on the canvas and creating a starry effect during transitions.  Thank you again Delta Stage Lighting!

A voice can only travel so far and every note a musical instrument provides can only impact the select few who happen to sit close enough, and for the rest, the message and music is lost without the gift of audio!  Microphones, speakers, etc, a big, big thank you to Digital Console Rental who helped provide us with the equipment we needed to share the messages; to tell the stories!  Thanks again to the folks at Digital Console Rental, it was music to our ears!!

And the beautiful fabric, provided by Blue Nova which provided us with the means to display images over the past 122 years here at The Salvation Army.  Our very own palette in which we could allow the audience to see and understand the impact of their support of this organization and how not only immediate change can occur but legacies are created!  Thank you again to Blue Nova for this wonderful gift!

And finally, to Event Systems Nashville for generously donating audio equipment for this event.  The gift of sound is a blessing and we are very grateful for having state of the art audio equipment provided to us by Digital Console Rental and Event Systems Productions.  We could’ve had all the lights and imagery possible but without the message being heard and the musical notes and powerful lyrics being absorbed, the event becomes lost, with no impact to be gained.  Thank you again Event Systems Nashville for the wonderful gift of sound!

Thank you to Walker Mathews, Eba Hobbs and RC Mathews Contractors for their assistance in obtaining necessary equipment to help get this project off the ground!  Literally!  The scissor lifts and generator were what helped get this program off to a great start!  Thank you again!

Want to view the transformation?  Click here!

We would also like to personally thank our speakers who shared that night,(Staff member) Mike Servais, (Magness Potter Community Center Alumni) DeCarlos Robinson and a graduate of our Transitional Housing Program with introductions by Sgt Ernie Simms, April Calvin and Lt Colonels Charles and Shirley White.

A big thank you to the incomparable Nashville Choir, under the direction of John Coates for their magnificent blend of voices that opens and closes an evening like no other!

To singer/songwriter, Lara Landon, who is a member of our Berry Street Worship Center and shared on her love for the people who attend there!

And to singer/songwriter/author and humanitarian, Jimmy Wayne, recipient of Angel Tree when he was a child.  Jimmy shared on his tumultuous childhood, the Costner’s who provided light amidst the darkness and how to this day, he continues to fight on the behalf of foster youth in the United States.

It was a night, never to be forgotten and it all came together by God’s mighty hand as he brought together amazing companies and individuals who offered their time, talent and treasure to the cause!

We are grateful and thankful!

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