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The Salvation Army Summer Spotlight – Transitional Housing Program

The Center of Hope located at 631 Dickerson Pike hosts many different programs within it’s dome shaped, grey brick structure.  From the outside as you’re driving or walking by, you may be unaware of the many individuals and families who call this place home.

This is where their children are picked up for school in the morning and dropped off every evening.  This is where they attend various classes to help them get back on their feet, acquire their GED, learn how to balance a checkbook, and find a job.  This is where families are provided an apartment complete with furniture, a full bathroom and kitchenette, while our single women and single men’s unit is more like a dorm setting with a private bedroom with furniture and a fridge, a community living area with couches, tables and a TV along with a shared bathroom.  This is where a 3 star child care center is located and watches their children as they strive to get back on their feet.   This is where freshly prepared meals are offered and families sit together in the dining room, enjoying their time together, feeling safe and hopeful, that soon enough, they will have their own place.

The Transitional Housing program here at The Salvation Army is not an overnight shelter.  It’s a place families and individuals can call home while they save their money, acquire and maintain employment, understand and better manage their finances; overall handle their lives in a different manner understanding their own personal value and that there is nothing they can’t do if they set their mind to it.

For the next two weeks, we will spotlight and highlight the various families and individuals who have been impacted by this program.  Love Lives Here!

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