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The Salvation Army Summer Spotlight – Life Skills Learning Program

A woman in her late 50’s emerges from the row of apartments behind The Salvation Army Center of Hope.  The warmth of the sun is still intense even though it’s almost 5 o’clock, but the slight breeze that has appeared is a welcome comfort as she makes her way down the street in the direction of her GED class at The Salvation Army.  A free opportunity for her to possibly pass the high school equivalency exam and go to college.  One day, she dreams, she would love to open up her own business.  As she walks alongside the wrought iron gate that wraps around the building, she smiles at everyone who passes by and waves to John Crawford, the Executive Director of Programs, who just pulled into the driveway.

With notebook in hand, she opens the door and heads into the classroom where her fellow students have already begun to gather.  Thick textbooks are spread out on white plastic tables, the sound of pencils sharpening can be heard amidst the clatter of dishes as families from our Transitional Housing program finish their evening meal in our main dining room.

She sits down and flips open her notebook, then her textbook.  She digs in her purse for her pencil, still sharp, she sets it down on the table and awaits her instructor, the smile never vanishing from her face.  She feels a sense of hope and purpose each time she comes here and believes that with time, patience and commitment, her dreams will be realized.

Yvonne represents the many students who have entered our doors since 2007 when we launched the Life Skills Learning program.  With dedicated teachers like EJ Boyson, William Dick, Jr, Andy Bonami, Christina Clohesy, Gordon Chavez and Bob Porter, adults in this community have a chance at achieving their dreams of higher education or sharpening their current skill sets.  Every Tuesday and Thursday evening, these volunteers rotate shifts and dedicate their time to making a difference in the lives of those seeking knowledge.  And what a feeling when a student comes up to you and gives you a huge hug, handshake, tears in their eyes; thanking you after they just passed their GED exam!  In addition to the free GED classes, The Salvation Army also offers:

Life Skills:
Parenting Conflict Resolution ● Dress for Success ● Good Hygiene ● Time Management ● Home Safety ● First Aid ● CPR ● Menu Planning/Preparation ● Emergency Services provided by The Salvation Army

Personal Development:
Goal Setting ● Rehabilitation ● Planning & Organizing ● Personal Mission Statement ● Life Business Coaching ● Recovery Workshops ● Leadership Development ● Attitude/Words/Thoughts ● Team Development/Relating with others ● Family Mission & Goals ● Heath/Fitness/Nutrition

Christian Development:
Counseling/Spiritual Development ● There is HOPE ● Get Life Back on Track ● Bible Studies ● Prayer Meetings ● Worship Meetings ● Handing Out Bible Tracks ● Christian Workshops ● Spiritual Disciplines

Professional Development:
Resume Writing ● Professional Development ● Resume Writing ● Interview Skills ● Job Search Approach ● Establish Professional Relationships for Referrals ● Computer Literacy ● Effective Communication ● Understanding Legal Issues ● Empowerment ● Honor-God, Self, Others ● Time Efficiency

Financial Development:  Big thanks to Dayna Lovelady from Dave Ramsey’s who teaches Financial Peace here!
Budgeting ● Money Management/Savings/Open Checking ● Planning for Future ● Credit Score ● Maintaining Home Ownership ● Established Relationships with banks, mortgage companies & affordable housing ● Income Help

At The Salvation Army, our goal is to provide a hand up not out.  We desire to help the whole person and enable them to develop and  realize their full potential that God has designed specifically for them!  Join us this week as we focus on this life changing program and it’s impact on those who teach and those who’ve learned.

“We have different gifts, according to the grace given us. If a man’s gift is prophesying, let him use it in proportion to his faith. If it is serving, let him serve; if it is teaching, let him teach” ~Romans 12:6-7

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