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Sowing The Seeds of Hope – Why A Garden?

So why plant a garden?  First answer that comes to mind, food.  After all we need food to sustain us.  Small gardens can feed a family, large farms can feed a community and the accumulation of crops from many different areas can feed the world!

Fresh food grown in gardens and on farms are full of vital nutrients that our bodies need for health and survival.  It provides us with variety in our diets and enables us to thrive.  Gardens can also host beautiful foliage consisting of colorful flowers, small trees and a myriad  of different sized shrubs.  This provides us with gorgeous bursts of color in which to set our eyes upon that can elevate emotions within us.  Aromatic scents can fill the air and drift amidst our senses reminding us of childhood, memorable events and loved ones.

Community garden behind our Berry Street Worship center

The Salvation Army tends to a garden of souls; people seeking guidance in their life.  We desire to grow people spiritually and enable them to reach their full potential.  We choose to sow hope and restore life to the lost in the name of Jesus.  Our many programs offer various ways in which to harvest change.  In our Transitional Housing program, we”ll see a family enter our door, everything they own contained within smalls bags on each arm seeking new ground in which to grow.  They have been uprooted and displaced with no one to shower love and encouragement into their lives.  We’re here to plant a seed of love and give them a place to live.  We check in with them everyday, providing resources and opportunities so they can continue to stretch themselves to new heights. In our community center, we have children from various backgrounds who make their way to our building each day after school and throughout the summer.  Our staff and volunteers cultivate each child allowing them to see how amazing they are in God’s eyes and the potential we believe they have.

Why garden?  Because there is beauty in growth and others are impacted by it.  If it’s a garden filled with veggies, many people will benefit in the nourishing of their bodies.  If it’s encouraging and helping a person to grow, then we are providing nourishment for their soul which in turn can encourage and help another by the sharing of their testimony.

Keep us in your prayers as we work the land and join us within our various outreach opportunities and programs so that together we can meet the need and elevate each person to the place God has designed them to be.

 Matthew 9:37-38, “Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.”

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