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For the Good Times

When do you pray?  Do you pray when your heart is breaking?  Do you pray for work as you face yet another month of unemployment?  Is prayer what you reach for first when a doctor’s diagnosis declares a devastating illness?

What about when your day is going smoothly, no obstacle  on the horizon, do you reach for God then?  Do you spend time with Him each day, seeking His will, guidance and wisdom for your life?  Do you pray for friends, your neighbor, this nation?

A National Day of Prayer is a wonderful reminder of what we should incorporate into our daily walk.  Why not include God in our conversations and invite him along in our daily activities?  He longs for relationship with us and not just in our times of distress.  He wants to be a part of the good times, our times of joy.  He yearns to just simply hear from us and not just when we want something.

I challenge you today as the nation recognizes a day of prayer that we don’t just focus on the pleading for change and the removal of pain.  Rather, we make it a point to seek God because…….

He loves us

He sent His son to die for us

He desires only the best for us

He seeks a relationship with us

He wants us to learn, to grow daily and to persevere so that we may impact the life of another

He wants the truth, His love shared amongst the masses and this starts with me, it starts with you!

Ready?  Let’s do this!

“You make known to me the path of life;
    you will fill me with joy in your presence,
    with eternal pleasures at your right hand.” Psalm 16:11

Know that you are prayed for daily by officers, staff, volunteers and donors here at The Salvation Army.  We pray over your circumstances, your struggles and we praise and celebrate your blessings and accomplishments.  And remember……you are never alone, God stands beside you, your hand clasped in his, and whatever the issue….He’s got this!

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