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Never Saw Blue Like That

It’s day 3 of The Salvation Army Human Resources Conference in Atlanta and as a way to begin the day, we were blessed by a performance that incorporated dance with painting that displayed the love of God for us.

As the words of the song, “Never Saw Blue Like That” by Shawn Colvin softly drifted throughout the room, Bethany Hawley and Roberta Simmons-Smith demonstrated our daily walk with the holy spirit thru dance.

One was dressed in colors of black and blue while the other was wrapped in flowing layers of white.  For a moment, they danced in synchronicity but then, one dancer would walk away from the other, focused on the darkness within her life.  These emotions were played out on canvas that sat atop an easel on the stage.  With sad, uneven strokes of the paint brush, she would share her hurts; her pain, the colors she truly saw in her world.  The dancer in white would immediately select a brush and with wide, intentional lines of color, sought to reveal the truth.  That amidst the black and blue are colors of hope, of love that is found in Christ.

Once the dancer in black and blue understood the art of God’s love for her, she became animated and made her way across the stage, gliding in unison with the dancer in white, who smiled and followed her every move.  At the end of the dance, both walked over to the canvas and turned it right side up revealing the connection between us and the holy spirit.  It portrayed the pain in our life and how with faith, trust, hope and perspective, we can see the masterpiece before us in ways we’d never seen before.

That’s how God works in our lives.  He provides us with new ways of viewing our situation.  He enables us to walk thru the storm and look beyond the dark clouds and rain; catching a glimpse of the light that awaits us.  The light that promises new beginnings.  A hope that reminds us we are not alone in this and that He will open our eyes and allow us to see the beauty he designed just for us!

Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit.” Galatians 5:25

As you listen to the words of this song, close your eyes and believe God for His ability to change the way you look at things……

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