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Sowing the Seeds of Hope

Gardening and farming.  It’s something that has been done for centuries, in fact since the beginning of time, man has realized the importance and necessity of growing food for survival.  In Genesis 4:2, it speaks on Cain who worked the soil and in Leviticus 25:4, God instructs his people, “But in the seventh year the land is to have a sabbath of rest, a sabbath to the LORD. Do not sow your fields or prune your vineyards.” which ultimately was designed to allow the people to rest on faith in God and that he would provide, that it wouldn’t be by the works of their hands.  In Malachi 3:10, God commands, “Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house.” the tithe being a tenth of the food they grew and in Matthew 13:1-9, when Jesus shared on the farmer who scattered seed along a path, in rocky places, among the thorns and in good soil.  What was sowed amongst the good soil is what sprang up full of life!

Besides the obvious planting of seed and the harvest, we can view gardening/farming metaphorically as it relates to The works of The Salvation Army.  The many programs we offer that provide opportunities to plant and sow seeds of hope in each person who seeks assistance from us.  We have the honor of setting up a garden of change, growth and love that results in a harvest of restoration for each person.

This month, we want to share on the garden we maintain here at The Salvation Army in Nashville.  We will highlight the planting of seeds within our programs, the maintaining of what’s been sown, and the end result as each person achieves their potential.

There is no greater joy than to watch the journey of life change in that of another.  To know that thru guidance of our heavenly father, preparation, maintenance, patience, discipline, and faith, we impacted another as inner growth took place. And that when the time is right, we step out of the way and allow God to to raise up and take that person to the next level as only he can!

So join us as we gather our gardening tools, slip on our work gloves and head out into the field with the Son overhead ready to shine down upon and enable growth in the lives we serve.

One thought on “Sowing the Seeds of Hope

  1. There is no greater joy than to watch the journey of life change in that of another…however slow the seasons.

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