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VIP – Volunteers Impacting People!

At The Salvation Army here in Nashville, we treasure our thousands and thousands of volunteers that frequent the many programs we offer, donating their precious time and talents.  We call them heroes, because they selflessly give of themselves to feeding those who are hungry, tutoring eager minds who wish to learn, sort and hand out gifts that represent hope at Christmas, ring bells that generate revenue to help meet the need throughout the year, provide meals and prayers to those affected by disasters, teach team building/leadership to youth in our community center and rock sweet babies to sleep or read them stories in our child care center.

Next week, April 15th-21st marks National Volunteer Week but for us every week is celebrated because of the lives changed daily by the support of “angels among us”, our Volunteers!!!

Stay tuned for “Sally Stars” to be featured each day; volunteers representing various programs as they share why they are a Salvation Army volunteer and we share how blessed we are to have them!

They are truly a gift from God!  Judges 5:9, “….with the willing volunteers among the people, Praise the Lord!”

A volunteer defined:

V = Valuable

O= Outstanding

L= Leaders

U= Understanding


T= Treating


E= Everywhere


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