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We See the Writing On the Wall

There are many rooms at The Salvation Army Center of Hope that provide a need, teach a skill and empower the soul.  We have rooms that house single women, families, and men with alcohol and drug addictions.  We have rooms that provide resources to earn your GED, enhance computer knowledge or better manage your finances.  We have a gymnasium that provides exercise and team building to the youth of this community and we have chapels that enable those searching for truth, a place in which they can finally find rest, acceptance, and peace that only Jesus can offer!

As I look around at the walls of each of these rooms I see the love that is consistently etched upon it’s surface.  The handmade paintings that contain favorite scripture or the framed smiles of adults who have soared above their circumstances and accomplished educational achievements.  When I walk up and down the halls of our community center, I glide my fingertips across the shiny brass of the many plaques that adorn the walls.  Plaques that represent the countless donors who poured their hard earned money into providing a place where children could go to learn, enjoy sports and feel safe.  I make my way into the child care center and enjoy the watercolor masterpieces that are taped haphazardly across windows and walls.  The pink, purple, yellow, green and blue characters smiling and playing, dancing and laughing exemplify the joy each child feels. And in the chapel, I look up at the cross, a reminder of sacrifice; a love freely given to those of us who stumble and fall yet choose to continue on.

At The Salvation Army, we see the writing on the wall and it’s speaks volumes!  Personal growth and change, hope and love is taking place within each of these rooms. And even if not a word was ever spoken, we see the truth, we sense the empowerment, we feel the awakening of each person as they move forward on their journey that God has designed just for them!

1 John 2:8, “Yet I am writing you a new command; its truth is seen in him and you, because the darkness is passing and the true light is already shining.”

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