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Celebrity Status

Many of us may not find ourselves on the famous red carpet of some spectacular gala or awards ceremony.  We may not have access to Harry Winston jewelry, dresses by Prada or suits and tuxes from Armani.  We may not have millions of adoring fans, mention us in their tweets, respond to our status on Facebook, send us fan mail and hang on our every word.  We may not have cameras follow us around and capture our daily happenings or reporters and journalists documenting our lives.  We may not have access to thousands or millions of dollars that on a whim, allow us to jet off to Tuscany, swim in the blue waters of the Caribbean, cruise through the wilderness in Alaska or ski on breath taking mountain slopes in Banff, Alberta Canada.

All of the above is amazing and magical yet generally comes with a price and responsibility.  The fame and fortune can either destroy who we are as a person or it can be used to benefit the world in one form or another.  It can be used in a selfish manner to achieve all our hearts desire or it can be used to benefit the life of another.  Many celebrities spiral into a life of utter chaos and loss while others choose to utilize their fame as a platform designed to implement change in the world.  Many celebrities opt to back well know organizations like The Salvation Army, American Red Cross, UNICEF or Doctor’s Without Broders, while others choose to form their own foundations or non profits such as, Bono who co-founded ONE and (RED), Matthew McConaughey who founded J.K. Livin Foundation,  Angelina Jolie along with Brad Pitt who founded the Maddox Jolie-Pitt Foundation, and our local friend of “the Army” here in Nashville, Jimmy Wayne who birthed Project Meet Me Halfway.

The great news is, one doesn’t have to be a celebrity to make a difference.  We all have access to an audience, individuals that look to us and listen to the words we speak and pay attention to our actions on a daily basis.  We have the opportunity to be a influence and we can either use that for selfish reasons and personal gain or we can speak life to those around us.  We can show love in everything we do.  We can share how Christ has been an intricate part of our lives and as St Francis of Assisi wrote “….use words when necessary.”

We have our very own Red Carpet rolled out to us every day and it’s up to us as the cameras roll and the microphones line up as to what it is we’ll say and how will we behave.  All of us testify to different people and we all need one another to reach those who are lost, confused and alone, broken and in a state of despair.  We all have access to so many people from so many backgrounds  and with this access we can be a part of life change.  So what will you do?

Get ready……it’s time for your close-up!  Lights, Camera, Action!

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