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Perfect People?

I snapped this pic of a butterfly that rested for a moment on the edge of a recycling bin full of dirty glass bottles. Amidst the rusted bin and the broken glass was this example of God's masterpiece!

That’s what we all strive to be as we make our way thru this life.  To appear flawless, to have it all together, to be pain free, to be highly intelligent, beautiful and charismatic.  When people view us, we want them to see someone who has a problematic free life; someone who lives according to the law and does everything with ease without the slightest hint of stumbling, poor choices or obstacles.  But if any one of us were to achieve this, who would it benefit?  Only us!

To be perfect means, we would miss out on truly living and experiencing life.  Pain, loss, hurt, brokenness and scars are a part of this life just as bliss, love, hope and joy.  To have one, you must have the other in order to appreciate it.  When we are broken, we ache for a release from the pain; we look to God for strength and thru Him we are able to carry on and soon enough experience the breakthrough in our life that God specifically designed just for us.  Its from this testimony that we are now able to help someone else who may be going thru a similar situation.  We all have this unique opportunity.  Just like no one thumb print is the same, neither are our personal journeys, but there are similarities and it’s from these walks that we each can testify, empower and lift up one another.

Every day we need to be growing and seeking ways of meeting the needs of someone who is lost, grieving, hurt, betrayed and alone.  Looking at them, you would guess, their smile represents happiness and their successes represent wisdom, contentment and joy, but if you were to venture inward, you would see their issues.  Issues stemming from years of keeping it under wraps and carefully guarded, after all what what would something think of me or say to me if they knew who I really was, what I’d done or been thru. And if you are struggling, realize you are not alone, God is there and desires to help you let go of anger, guilt, resentment and loss.  He wants you utilize resources and seek ways to work thru what has been buried for so long and rise above the ashes like a phoenix!

At The Salvation Army, we don’t work with perfect people, we don’t serve perfect people.  With arms open wide, we welcome those with imperfections; blemishes that have resulted from life.  We don’t judge, we don’t criticize we don’t ignore, we don’t overlook. In the name of Jesus, we look at the heart, the core of a person and with the providing of Christ, love, resources and opportunities, we help show others the way to realize their full potential.  We’re here to allow them to see, we all make mistakes but God holds our future and thru him our life has meaning and purpose.  You may be scarred and broken but God is able to weave you back together in a way that goes beyond  your wildest imagination.

“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in your weakness.” ~2 Corinthians 12:9

One thought on “Perfect People?

  1. What a beautiful image! Contrasting surfaces of jagged, sharp, rustic, soiled, dimensioned, hard and cold. And yet, carried on the wings of creator, a gentle touch and brush of tenderness and care. Displayed in color rich, and varied intensity with patterning intensional.

    “For I know the thoughts and plans that I have for you, says the Lord, thoughts and plans for welfare and peace and not for evil, to give you hope in your final outcome.” Jeremiah 29:11

    Gods words of comfort and assurance that despite present difficulties, He has plans for us–plans for us to prosper and be restored. He knows of our struggles and is working to help us prosper, even when we can’t.

    See, hope again.

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