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New Year, New Lives!

photo courtesy of Donna Rae Dunn

What have you resolved to do differently in 2012? What are ways in which you can not only better yourself personally but also the lives of those around you?  As we approach 2012, there is great opportunity to be a part of new lives, individuals you have never met but have the ability to bless.  Whether it’s time you donate to a cause, someone you give rides to and from work, holding the door open for them or just giving someone a call sharing that you are thinking about them.

Serving and being there for others should be our goal in 2012.  We need to provide for our own personal needs, yes, but that should only be a part of the equation, we should also seek to better the lives of those who have fallen thru the cracks.  Individuals who believe they are alone and forgotten.  People who feel old, used up and worthless.  We have the opportunity to make them feel “new” once again, to allow them to see how amazing they are and that they are indeed worth it!

As you map out your resolutions, I encourage you to jot down ideas that would lead to impacting someone’s life.  Each day pray and ask God to present you with situations that will allow you to be a blessing in His name! This indeed is a goal worth sticking to!

“But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded.” ~ II Chronicles 15:7

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