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Not Just An Application

Our three weeks of Angel Tree registration wrapped up last Friday and there is no doubt we have seen an increase in the amount of families who are seeking help this Christmas season.

But at The Salvation Army, as we lay pen to paper and interview each family  they are more than an application; a task, but rather a life we wish to pray for, inspire and love.

The days can be long with hundreds of people walking thru the door, waiting their turn to sit down at our table and answer the necessary questions we ask in order to qualify them for this program.  This year, I personally experienced so many families who kept apologizing because they had to ask so many questions, unsure of what the steps were because they had never been in this place before.   They never imagined they would sit in a warehouse and say “I need help.”  Many families looked me in the eye and promised that they would somehow, someway pay us back for helping them; that it meant the world that we could provide an opportunity for some light to be made available in a sometimes dark existence.

We had many opportunities to stop what we were doing and clutch their hand tightly in ours and send forth prayers and petitions on their behalf as their tears fell, dampening the completed application in front of them.  One parent shared that her son’s birthday is before Christmas and last year she could only provide for one or the other.  She stated that on her son’s 10th birthday, she cried because she didn’t have anything to give him but she said he just smiled and said, “It’s ok, I have you.”

Currently we are entering the data collected from these applications so we can produce the tags you will find in Cool Springs Galleria, RiverGate Mall, The Mall at Green Hills and Hickory Hollow Mall beginning November 12th.  For 4 weeks you will have the opportunity to make Christmas brighter and provide not just a temporary gift but a lasting memory to those who will not forget your kindness and will strive to pay it forward with someone else.

“Share with God’s people who are in need.  Practice hospitality.” ~ Romans 12:13

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