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Paper Angels – A “Novel” Idea!

The novel, “Paper Angels” written by humanitarian and artist Jimmy Wayne along with novelist Travis Thrasher, reveals the inner beauty of the human soul and reminds us all that it’s what we give away not what we receive that is of value and creates impact.  As you follow the story of Thomas and Kevin, you soon realize that one has found his joy amidst the darkness that seems to encircle him on a daily basis.  The other, is in search of a joy and peace that he only assumes can be found in a successful business.  A piece of paper with a name etched upon its surface changes these very lives and enables them both to overcome their personal fears, their challenges and clearly see that God wants to take the burdens we carry and with our hand in his, lead us to where he has called us to be.  Psalm 55:22, “Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous fall.”

Jimmy Wayne

The individual characters within this novel are poignantly portrayed in such a way that you feel you are living each experience as they unfold.  When they hurt, you feel their pain and when a door opens with hope on the other side, you celebrate with them!  Our lives are busy with to-do lists, dreams to follow, hurdles to overcome and expectations to live up to.  This book tenderly encourages us to slow down and treasure the special moments and people around us regardless of our circumstances.  It allows us to see life through the eyes of those who at one time were us or at any point could be.   “No matter where you are right now, remember, God’s right there.”  This line, found within the chorus of “Paper Angels” is applicable to all of us no matter what has occurred in our past or what we are currently going through.  How important it is to remember that Jesus himself hung on a tree, a wooden cross for all of us; sacrificed his life for those who had yet to know him. And it’s up to us, to “adopt” God’s ways, to choose to serve Him and accept the gift designed just for us!

As you can see we don’t want to give anything away as this is an amazing read that will bring tears to your eyes.  “Paper Angels” hits bookstores and is available online today!

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