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Hope – An Inspirational Four Letter Word

Jobs are lost and a replacement is hard to come by.  Food is scarce as prices soar and one meal a day is considered a luxury.  Clothes are worn out with holes and tears lovingly stitched together repeatedly because to purchase more is out of the question.  The soles of shoes are worn thin where one’s foot  grazes the street below as they walk.  Dreams are merely that, just dreams, hardly attainable at this point in their life where survival is the main focal point.

This is the life of many of our brothers and sisters here in Nashville who have lost all hope.  They say, this is not what they imagined their life would be as they sat in school as children, envisioning all they would accomplish.  Hard times and unforeseen circumstances can affect anyone.  One day you can be on top of the world financially with a successful career, health, strong relationships and family, then within what feels like minutes you can be down lower than you ever thought possible as everything you once had is taken away.

This was left by one of our beneficiaries in her room after she had completed the program. Our case managers assisted her in obtaining her own apartment, finding a job and our Life Skills Learning classes taught her to budget her money and manage a check book. She now has hope; she now has life! 2 Timothy 4:7, "I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. "

At The Salvation Army we strive to be that beacon of light for those who are wading in a sea of darkness.  As families and individuals make their way up our steps, we want to offer love, life and hope to all who come in seeking restoration in their life.  That is why we offer many programs and forms of assistance to help folks get back on their feet again.  Our Life Skills Learning program offers FREE classes on money management and budgeting via Dave Ramsey’s office, FREE GED Classes and tutoring, FREE computer classes, FREE job readiness classes, FREE Resume Assistance classes, FREE Weight Loss/Health classes and FREE employment training classes.  We also manage a Transitional Housing program with 13 family suites and 8 single women suites that are designed to help families or single women transition out of homelessness and into permanent housing.  They are assigned a case manager, attend various FREE classes and are provided with child care here at our center.  Our Emergency Services Center  provides food boxes to families and individuals throughout the community as well as rent/utility assistance.  We offer an After-School and Summer Day Camp program for children who want a “safe” place to be and learn team building skills, athletics, creative arts and tutoring on various school subjects.

Above all, we’re there to listen and to pray with each person who seeks our help.  To make eye contact with them and empathize with their pain and their feeling of helplessness.  We’re here to let them know, they are not alone and that with their eyes on Jesus, their foundation can now be solid and their fear can now become courage!  For where there is Hope, there is Life!

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