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Give Me the Works!

Yup, this summer we are going to shine a light on all of the programs happening here in Nashville TN, operated by The Salvation Army!  We are also going to highlight some amazing folks comprised of beneficiaries, donors, volunteers, officers and staff.  The goal you ask?  We want you to give you a first hand look into what it is we do here in the city to benefit the city; how we serve and give back to those desiring change in their life; guidance that consists of good directions.  We want to provide a glimpse into where your $$ go to and the amazing outcomes that result from your monetary kindness.  We want to share on the importance of our volunteers; those who  devote precious time and energy without compensation in order to assist us in the mission of “meeting human need in His name without discrimination.”  The clients or beneficiaries who have benefited from our various programs and their amazing testimonies that consist of hard times followed by days of joy!  The staff and officers who work tirelessly in all facets to accomplish the tasks and goals set before us because of our combined love for people and the redemption of lives!

Quincy, one of our Summer Day Camp Counselors slinging some burgers at our Magness Potter Community Center

As we progress into June, vacations take place all over the world, families gather, warm weather is frequent and the coals are hot as the grill stands prepped, many may say, “Give Me the Works!”  Want more details?  There’s nothing like a ground beef patty, hand prepared and slapped on the grill, then once it’s cooked, set between two slightly charred sesame buns, add freshly sliced tomatoes, cheese and onion, a beautiful green leaf of lettuce, some sizzling bacon, a dab of mayo, some mustard, Heinz 57 (if you please), ketchup, dill pickle chips and there you have it, THE WORKS!  At The Salvation Army, this summer and throughout the year, we’re all about “THE WORKS”  what we do here and how we serve day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year since 1890 in Nashville.   There are many “layers” to what we do and each program compliments each other and adds to the total organization; the final product.

This summer, we ask that you join us in L.O.L “Loving Others Locally,” understanding that  Together we can make a difference; Together we can create impact!  So order up and ask for “THE WORKS”, we’ll be happy to serve you!!

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