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C is 4 Camp!

Meet Christian on his first day of Summer Day Camp! He along with 65 other children will fill our Magness Potter Community Center from June-August!

And all through the summer, everyone here at The Salvation Army will have the privilege of “C” ing life change in each child we have the honor of serving!

This summer thanks to you, the donor, we are able to provide a “safe” place here in the Northeast Nashville area for children ages 6-13.  We provide a FREE breakfast and lunch to our precious campers, along with a FREE lunch and snacks (in partnership with Second Harvest of Middle Tennessee).  From 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. the children are kept very busy with various physical and wellness classes, arts & crafts, educational and spiritual development.

Then around mid-July, for one solid week, our campers enjoy an air conditioned motor coach trip to Camp Paradise!  This is a special little nugget of goodness owned and operated by The Salvation Army that is nestled amongst majestic trees, rolling hills and the crystal blue Dale Hollow Lake.  Children, who for most of them have never left their 37207 zip code, have the opportunity to enjoy God’s creations at their finest.  Kid’s learn archery, take nature hikes, fish, enjoy boat rides, play sports, swim in our swimming pool and catch a glimpse of a neighboring fox or deer.

At The Salvation Army, we don’t babysit, we choose to empower the children who attend.  We desire to continually lift them up in spirit and encourage them; allowing them to see the masterpiece they truly are and the limitless opportunities that await them!

Thank you to everyone who donates to The Salvation Army and specifies they wish to support our Kid’s programming and camp.  You are playing a huge role in the lives of each child and helping to create memories they will treasure the rest of their life.

If you haven’t yet and wish to support these amazing programs, please contact Jen Eldridge at jennifer_eldridge@uss.salvationarmy.org or if you wish to volunteer, please contact Josh at joshua_lippincott@uss.salvationarmy.org

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