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Rise and Shine!

As we celebrate the risen King this Easter, I have been reflecting on the resurrection and how that applies to our lives today.  The resurrection ultimately signifies the sacrifice; taking on our sin and allowing it to be nailed to the cross, then Jesus rising as the conqueror on our behalf.  But I see something else as well.  As you read through Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, we read very similar accounts of finding the tomb empty, the linen wraps lying there without a body and the stone rolled away.  The immediate reaction was “the body has been stolen” which is a human reaction as one would enter a graveyard, expecting to find our beloved after we’d witnessed them dying.  Our minds don’t immediately go to the conversations we may have had with this person prior, where it’s written in Mark 10:33-34, “they will condemn him to death and will hand him over to the Gentiles, who will mock him and spit on him, flog him and kill him.  Three days later, he will rise.”  We would just focus on what is before us and try to intellectualize what has just happened.

How often we do that today.  We simply look at the situation that is staring us in the face; try to figure it out and assume the worst.  My life is over, this relationship is never going to work, I will be single my whole life, I will never have children, I will never find a job, I will never get out of debt, I will never own a home.  We don’t see beyond it; we don’t see God standing there with a plan which he can see and wants to implement.  We don’t see, that at times, we need to walk through the darkness in search of the light and be a student amidst the journey; learning what He would have us learn.  And it’s with this knowledge, we end up in the best possible place to receive what He’s designed for our lives, but it can’t be until we’re equipped and prepared.  You don’t feed a newborn solid food, until they’re ready and so it is with us, when it’s time, the moment happens.

We can’t assume, the body has been stolen; our life, our dreams have been taken away.  We need to exercise the simple faith of a child; faith the size of a mustard seed which is approximately, 1/20th of an inch in size and realize, it’s risen!  Our expectations need to die; what we believe is best for us and once this is done we  allow for God to create a new way of living to rise within us. 

This Easter, don’t be robbed of the glorious existence that God has planned for you.  It won’t always be easy, it will require a great deal of patience, faith, belief, commitment, dedication and hope but the end result will go beyond your wildest dreams.  Press on!

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