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Welcome to April and the first full month of spring! A season of new beginnings and the promise of a new tomorrow!

This month we are introducing a cross word puzzle with some interesting facts about The Salvation Army as well as various scriptures from the bible (NIV).

Starting April 1 and every day that follows throughout the month, we will post a question for you to solve. Then on April 30th after the last question is posted, the FIRST 3 people to “Tweet” via Twitter

“@SalArmy, the puzzle is done #cross+word”

…..and all of their answers are CORRECT will each win a $25.00 gift card from Kroger.

This has been created to raise awareness to the act of love; the sacrifice that was displayed on the cross for us by Jesus. And that as we fill in the blanks within our own lives we come to realize the Cross + the Word of God enables us to complete the puzzle that represents the life we lead and the person we desire to be!

Ready to get started?  On April 1, 2011 Click Here!

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