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Good “Will” Hunting

The Salvation Army is grateful for the incredible gifts we receive all year from donors like you, no matter the amount, it will always be put to good use and be directed to the program or ministry of your choosing.

The Salvation Army Nashville is also thankful for the many people who remember us in their wills…..but did you know there is no legal entity named The Salvation Army?  So, if your will is written to remember “The Salvation Army of Nashville”,  you may encounter a couple of problems.  First, you’ve left your gift to an entity which doesn’t exist.  Second, the full value of your gift may not come to Nashville after your passing.  The Salvation Army is a very diverse and world-wide organization; thus there is very precise wording which must be used to ensure your true wishes are met and your gift returns to support the programs and services of Nashville.

Wording is everything when it comes to planned giving so if you wish for your estate or a portion of it be directed to this command and the work we do here in Nashville, please let us help!  SA employee, Ellen Solich will happily meet with you for free and at no obligation to you.  Ellen can review the wording currently included in your document, review what you wish to accomplish with this gift, and provide the wording necessary to be sure your gift is used by The Salvation Army in the exact manner you desire.  If you would like further information about remembering the work of our Nashville Salvation Army in your will, please contact Ellen Solich at 1-877-647-8575.  This call is toll-free and Ellen will be happy to help ensure your gift benefits Nashville.

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