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Social Sally!

That’s right, The Salvation Army (or Sally as it has been affectionately called from time to time) loves to be social and always has.  Since it’s inception back in 1865, The Salvation Army has sought relationship and connection with people from all walks of life to help with the mission and ministry of this “Army!”

Founder William Booth constantly gathered large crowds of supporters on the streets of London and would “share” what The Salvation Army has been doing and seeks to do within their community to meet the need of those seeking relief from hunger, lack of shelter or addictions.  William Booth encouraged testimonies (live blogs) of lives being changed and back then, we had telegraphs that would communicate the happenings of The Salvation Army to partners overseas in the US and were usually sent in small, to the point statements, the “tweet” of the day if you will.

Throughout the years, The Salvation Army has spread out to over 122 countries and within those countries the communication has never ceased.  The work that is being done, the progress of programs and life change have been well documented and revealed via letters, books, magazines, television, radio, Internet/websites and recently through social media.  In the blink of an eye, anyone can soon learn what is happening in their local area with their local Salvation Army.  An individual yearning for a way to give back can soon learn ways to plug in and a donor can see via video and blogs what is being done with their hard earned money and how the broken are being made whole again because of love, compassion and a heart for Others.

The Salvation Army is grateful for social media, which is yet another way to share what is happening Behind the Red Shield and we will continue to remain transparent in all that we do here in Nashville.  Through our Facebook page, our Twitter site, Foursquare and this blog, we want to always keep you informed and involved.  We also want you to know, we always welcome and encourage your insight, your thoughts, your concerns and your ideas as together we strive to meet the needs of the community around us!

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