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As we kick off the new year, we find as is the case with many non-profits that donations have declined significantly.  This decrease in giving has the possibility of impacting the programs we operate and thus affects the people that need to be served.

The Salvation Army here in Nashville is vigilant about directing your money to where you designate it, if you want your donation to go toward our homeless feeding programs that’s exactly where it will go or if you wish for your donations to support our Kid’s Club at our SA Community Center, again this is where it will go, in fact 83 cents of every donated dollar.  We don’t divvy it up as we deem fit or necessary.  We also try to be good stewards of the money and resources that is provided to us by recycling paper, cardboard, glass, plastic and aluminum, not printing emails, Internet pages etc if we don’t need to, turning off lights when rooms are not in use while closely monitoring our office supplies and other purchases.

In light of recent disasters world wide, a good deal of funding has gone in the direction of bringing aid to those affected but at the same time, it has taken much needed funding away from our local programs and operations here in Nashville.  We understand money is scarce for so many right now, but for those who are able to donate, we ask that you consider your local Salvation Army!  The money donated here stays here and meets the need at the time of need every single day here in Nashville and has been since 1890.

I like to refer to this as Fun*Raising, because I love what I do and enjoy sharing the many stories and testimonies which raises awareness as to what’s happening Behind the Red Shield…I also like to refer to it as Fun*Raising because so many families and individuals have the opportunity to step out of sadness and hopelessness into joy and having fun for the first time in a long time through the various programs and assistance we offer.  This is all because of you!

For those who already give…thank you from the bottom of my heart…and for those who are considering it…you will not regret it!

Please click the shield below to donate via credit card using our secure site and be sure to document that you request your donation be directed to The Salvation Army Nashville Area Command.  And know that your gift does not have to be designated to a specific program if you decide to donate to The Salvation Army – Nashville Area Command.

To donate via check/money order, please send to:

The Salvation Army – Nashville Area Command – PO Box 78625, Nashville, TN 37207

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