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Promoted to Glory

Here in The Salvation Army, we refer to someone who has passed away as being “Promoted to Glory.”  I was unfamiliar with this term until I began working here several years ago and there’s something about the sound of it that brings such peace to one’s soul as they lose someone they love dearly.

Over a week ago our Area Commander’s mother Elizabeth was Promoted to Glory and even though the words can bring some peace they still can’t replace or fill the void left by the loss of a loved one.  Even though deep down inside you know you will see them again in heaven, your heart still aches knowing you won’t hear them call your name, won’t feel the touch of their hand or see the smile on their face as you come into view.

Major shared through his Facebook page how much his mother meant to him and how despite various obstacles and hurdles, she remained strong and vigilante in raising her children right, maintaining structure and discipline while never failing to display her love for them daily.  The values she instilled in him as well as his siblings remain to this day and her love of Christ and her desire to serve Him was evident in everything she did.  She’s leaving a legacy and I pray this is something we all have the opportunity to do once we part way with this world.  I pray that each one of us has many wonderful things we are remembered for, the lives we’ve touched, lifted up and empowered.

I’ve included a video by Nichole Nordeman called “Legacy” and as you listen to it, I hope you examine the life you are living and evaluate how much impact you have on others…because it’s never about us, it’s always about “them”

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