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The Yellow Taxi…..

As I made my way down the hall of our administrative offices, my eye caught the familiar yellow of a Nashville Taxi Cab as it came to a stop in front of our building.  I watched as a mom with four children ranging in ages from 16-4 piled out of the car and walked toward the back of the cab.  I noticed the mother instruct the younger children to sit on the steps while her two older ones helped her, along with the driver lift everything they own in the world out of the trunk of this cab.

My eyes teared up as just a few days into this new year, a single mom of four lifted each of her belongings out of the vehicle and carried them into our “Center of Hope.”  She didn’t have fancy luggage, everything was Kroger bags or black and white plastic bags, which occasionally tore open as she lifted them out and tried to make her way up the steps.  Our case managers assisted her as well until the very last bag was removed.  Then with her children around her, she made her way up the steps to the “Temporary Home” she would reside in until she could get back on her feet and once again provide for her family.  No longer would she have to figure out what do on the streets of Nashville for 8 hours until the local shelter would allow her family in at 4pm.  She feels safe for the first time in a long time and it’s all because of you…you who give and support The Salvation Army‘s many programs.  You help to provide hope, light and love to those who feel so alone in a crowded world.

Remember her story and so many other families out there who are struggling…it’s all about “Others!”

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