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Celebrating 2011!

The New Year is here and once again The Salvation Army has an opportunity to reflect on the year prior and what lies ahead in 2011!

In 2010, The Salvation Army remained busy with the operation of our many programs here in the Nashville area, which includes our Transitional Housing program for families and single women, along with weekly feedings for the homeless, our child care center, our community center which offers after-school and summer programs, our volunteer opportunities, our Christmas assistance, our Life Skills Learning programs, emergency service and because of the devastating flooding in  May, long term recovery services for those affected via our Restore the Dream Centers in partnership with United Way of Middle TN.

As I look back, I know that our website, this blog, our links featured on Facebook and Twitter try to capture events, faces and programs throughout the year, but not every moment can be captured via film or photo.  Throughout the year so many amazing moments are experienced and even though we don’t document it all or show it on our many sites, believe that it is happening.

The handshake or embrace from a homeless individual as we feed them on a very cold morning or evening.  The smile they display as they are handed a hot meal and a stocking for Christmas.  The stories they will share about family members they won’t have an opportunity to see this year.  How they will continually repeat, “God Bless You” to each staff member and volunteer.   You don’t always see the family who had nowhere to go, no one to turn to but find refuge in our transitional housing program where they can live together as a family without separation.  The individual who has faithfully attended our GED classes and finally after weeks of preparation and encouragement successfully attains this milestone.  The joy and light on their face; the hope and excitement about the possibilities ahead.

We are excited about 2011 and the role that The Salvation Army hopes to play in the lives of folks all over the Middle Tennessee area.  We thank all of you for your support and your prayers and wish you blessings in the new year!

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