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They Don’t Forget……

…When you donate to an angel,  I promise you they never forget it.  In fact it has such a lasting impression on them that at the very first opportunity they receive to give back they do!

Meet Brandy.  Last week she came to volunteer with her group from work and as they entered our warehouse, the others walked on but Brandy stopped short in her tracks and just stared at the sea of black bags that covered the 45,000 sq foot warehouse floor.  Our Volunteer Director turned around and asked if she was ok.  Brandy’s eyes filled with tears as she continued to look out at the many families represented there before her.  Brandy then replied that a couple of years ago, her family was a recipient of this program and one of those bags belonged to her.  Brandy continued to fight back the tears and said that she so appreciated the Nashville community for giving her a little help that Christmas and now that she secured a full time job and get back on her feet, she is ready to give back!  Brandy said that she now wants to be there for others in need and in doing so she worked in our warehouse sorting gifts and putting bags together for the families who will arrive here to pick up their presents.  Something Brandy did herself not too long ago.

When you adopt an angel and purchase some toys and clothes, know that you are providing much more than the tangible items in a bag.  You are giving love, hope encouragement and light to those stumbling through their difficult circumstances.  Thanks again to all of our donors, sponsors and volunteers who have made this Christmas special for so many people this year!

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