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There’s Beauty in Numbers

As so many of us gather together around festive tables adorned with decorations, candles, delectable side dishes and the infamous stuffed turkey, we have the opportunity to give thanks.  And not just one thank you, but many…a number of thanks should be said for the life we have and the ability to serve and give back to others.  To be thankful for a car to drive, a home to live in, food to eat, clothes to wear and the overall lifestyle we have been blessed to live in.  Now many may say, “I am in poor health, I don’t have much to eat, my bed is on the floor, my house is small, my car is always breaking down or I don’t make enough money at the job I currently have.  And while these may be true statements, you can still consider yourself blessed in one way or another.  You have people who love you and to whom you love back.  You have the gift of laughter as you share in a favorite movie or TV show.  You can grab your favorite novel and spend time being transported to another place; living life through the pages of fascinating fiction or non fiction stories.  You can donate your time to feeding the homeless through soup kitchens or knitting scarves and hats for those who may otherwise not have anything to keep them warm.  You have the ability to say a prayer on someone’s behalf whether you know them or not.

This Thanksgiving, I encourage everyone to truly be thankful and not just for all of the tangible “nice” things you have, but to also thank God for the hard times; for the lessons learned.  Thank Him for the journey because in essence it’s enabled you to be the person you were called to be.

There’s true beauty in numbers; in the amount of times you say, “thank you” and I’m grateful for…”  because for the most part, what may appear as having nothing may end up being everything you ever needed and more!


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