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Can You Hear the Sound of Their Wings?

As the leaves begin to fall and the weather slowly cools, thousands of families will make their way to our Angel Tree warehouse located at 700 Cowan Street.  Families who have been living paycheck to paycheck throughout the year or have found that unemployment has been a constant in their lives with no end in sight.  Or the single mom or single dad families who find themselves working 2-3 jobs; trying to make ends meet or the grandmother who is raising children once again because both parents are incarcerated or missing.  The families who never ever thought they would be standing in this line, signing up their children for this program.  Families that for the past few years were the ones adopting angels; someone else’s children, now soon enough will see their own child’s names printed on the tags that hang in the malls.

There are so many reasons and so many scenarios as to why folks line up on very chilly mornings to register their children for the Angel Tree program but one fact remains the same for them all.  They are seeking a little glimmer of hope; a small piece of joy that they can personally witness on the faces of their children who right along with them have had to face the hard times.  And it’s thanks to you that the need is met, children can for a moment depart from their uncertainty, their sadness and their fear and enjoy the spirit of the season, the love of their community.

Yes I’ve had people say, ‘it’s only Christmas; it’s only toys.”  But what’s important to understand is that the gifts they receive is so much more than the tangible items before them…it’s love purchased by a total stranger.  Precious outfits handpicked by families all over Middle Tennessee, toys, drawing supplies, bikes and wagons all chosen by kids their age who want to give back to someone they don’t know.

This Christmas season, I encourage you to join us as a volunteer registering families in October, manning Angel Tree booths in area malls throughout November or work in our warehouse sorting gifts and preparing them for the families during the month of December.  And as you make your way through the malls, please be sure to snag a few “Paper Angels” off the tree and make the holidays brighter for that special girl or boy!
To volunteer please email Joshua Lippincott, joshua_lippincott@uss.salvationarmy.org or for more information on how to register for the Angel Tree program, please click here!

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