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Outside Looking In

We are so excited to have Vanderbilt intern, Christina Chen with us for the next several months.  Christina will be shadowing the Human Resources Manager, which is me and will also assist with the coordination of our Angel Tree program.  Christina hails from Greenwich, CT and currently calls Nashville home.  Her major at Vanderbilt is Human and Organizational Development while her minor is Chinese and Music Performance (Clarinet).  When Christina is not attending school or interning at The Salvation Army, she can be found cooking, hiking, cuddling with her cat Zoey or hanging out with her boyfriend Rob.

Christina has just completed her first full week here at The Salvation Army and in light of that, I asked her to please blog on her experiences to date.  In just a matter of minutes, Christen whipped up a narrative of her life with us thus far.

And here it is:

My first week with the Salvation Army was fantastic.  When I first arrived, everyone was friendly and helpful whenever I had questions, especially helping me get around the office.  Everyone here has so much compassion and the passion to help others, which I admire.  Also, the employees here truly are a big Army family.  On my first day, Amanda bought my very first Thumper, a hamburger with a pound of meat.  Before that, I had no idea what it was; after seeing how large it was, it truly thumped my day.  To my own surprise, I was able to finish it without a problem!

One of the most memorable things I did on-site was help Amanda coordinate the United Way campaign last Wednesday.  Amanda had the event, “Sing for Your Supper”, where the Major drew names out of a bucket.  Whoever was picked had the opportunity to show off his or her singing skills while sitting in a big red lounge chair that fit three people.  The prize for those who sang was a $25 gift card to various restaurants in Nashville.  The best performance was from  Josh Lippincott when he sang “Celebration”.  He even danced for everyone even though that was not a requirement!  It was then when I saw and felt that family bond that everyone shared at the Salvation Army: everyone laughed together and encouraged another to sing for their supper.  It truly is a blessing to be a part of this awesome family.  Then I got to see the Salvation Army warehouse and what is in it.  I had the opportunity to visit the temporary warehouse with Josh and Jeff Darnell to find school supplies.  It was great to see and understand what a rail cart was and how it will be used for the Angel Tree Program.

I am currently on my second week.  I am excited to be a part of this big family with all the great opportunities to help others.  I look forward to many more exciting projects and events and at the same time doing the most good in the Nashville community.

Thanks again to Vanderbilt for the loaning of their incredible students over the past few years.  We look forward to the remaining months ahead!!!

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