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“Appealing” to Your Inner Kid :)

Yes, it’s that time again…our “Back to School” direct mail appeal.  Our goal is to raise funds that will help to support our after school kid’s programming that serves the Northeast Nashville community.  Because of folks like you, kids have a “safe” and fun place to visit during the week where they can receive tutoring in various subjects as well participate in sports, art/crafts and bible lessons.  Below is the actual letter that went out to folks on our mailing list.  If you would like to be included on our direct mail list, please contact Jen Eldridge at jennifer_eldridge@uss.salvationarmy.org or if you would like to donate via our secure online site, just click here and designate you want your funds directed to the Red Shield Kid’s Club in Nashville, TN!

Here’s a copy of our letter…

“I remember how riled up I was as a kid when August rolled around. School was back in session, which meant life was full of excitement — a fresh start, a grade-level higher, a new teacher and I finally got to see good friends and classmates after a summer away.

It’s an exciting time of year . . . but unfortunately, for some struggling families here in Middle Tennessee, the new school year brings worry and stress to caring moms and dads who — like all of us — just want the very best for their kids. They work hard, some even working multiple jobs, just to make ends meet.

Children don’t often understand the concept of utility bills, shut-off notices or rent checks.  They do know, however, what if feels like to be left out when their friends get to participate in sports, dance classes, art lessons, music lessons and summer camps.  It makes children feel sad that they can’t do what all the other kids get to do…and those opportunities just are not feasible.

It hurts my heart to know that while some children are paving the road to their future success by participating in clubs, sports teams and private lessons, too many are sitting at home — alone — waiting for their parents to come home from their second shift.

That’s why our children’s programs are so important — especially now that school is back in session.

Each year, The Salvation Army Red Shield Kids Club serves more than 500 families and 3,000 individuals. Children learn and grow through opportunities that just wouldn’t be possible without friends like you.

At the Red Shield Kids Club, located in the Magness-Potter Community Center, they have access to arts and crafts, sports, dance, games, music, life skills learning classes with tutoring and computer classes, and spiritual development.

The Salvation Army Red Shield Kids Club extends way beyond just after-school activities.  Partner organizations such as the YMCA provide 24 teens weekly with a social hang-out spot.  Front Porch Ministries hosts special parties and events for children on weekends as well as during the week.  McNeilly daycare that is co-located in our center offers their 3 Star rated infant toddler program, plus the first toddler Head Start program in Tennessee, to help prepare these kids to perform in school and life.

Salvation Army Corps (churches) also offer weekly programs for children in specific communities around Nashville.  The Citadel Corps in Madison offers youth groups and a music program.  The Hispanic Corps offers English classes to children in addition to their weekly worship and Sunday school classes.

The Salvation Army has made a commitment to contribute to the success of our children in this community.  Staff and volunteers are often out mentoring children in schools and are committed to a weekly Reading Day.

Once summer day camp at our community center ends and our children go back to school, our programming continues.  The activities disadvantaged boys and girls experience through The Salvation Army are as diverse as the children are unique.

Through our programs, they discover who they are and build self-confidence and faith in God that enables them to set and reach their goals. And instead of labeling life’s opportunities as “not for me,” they welcome new challenges and experiences with eager and open minds.

None of it would be possible without the caring support of community members like you. That’s why today, as we begin the new school year, I encourage you to send a gift of <ASK.TBL.LTR_ASK>, so the boys and girls in Middle Tennessee won’t be at home alone . . . or what I fear worse, out on the streets . . . but learning, laughing and growing with friends and mentors at The Salvation Army Red Shield Kids Club.

Thank you for making a difference today that will carry through to their futures.

Major Rob Vincent
Area Commander

P.S. This is a critical time for many families here in Middle Tennessee. I encourage you to send your most generous gift today. They need our help . . . but really they need yours . . . because it’s through the care and compassion of people like you that The Salvation Army is able to combat difficult life circumstances and meet basic human needs in our community.”

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