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Good Morning (Nashville) America!

Yesterday morning, Music City USA was visited by GMA’s Robin Roberts who insisted on focusing some attention on those who fell victim to the May floods here in Nashville.  Robin interviewed the Chapman family of Old Hickory who were one of the 251 families who lost their home.  Tamantha Chapman shared how as the waters began to rise, they loaded  their family vehicle as fast as they could with their belongings but after the vehicle had been filled up, which included her 5 year old daughter’s birthday dress she had made her, they discovered the water was creeping up their street.  They had to abandon not only their home but vehicle as well and were rescued by a neighbor in a very large sport utility vehicle.

The next day, Tamantha and her husband pulled up to the back of their home via boat and by using their deck as a boat dock.  Tamantha shared she was able to wade to their vehicle but everything inside was submerged; a total loss.  After making her way through the swiftly flowing, chest high waters that still consumed her home, Tamantha wept at the sight of her families items; floating haphazardly all around her.

Over the course of the next few weeks, the Chapman’ s stayed with friends but soon found themselves living in a tent on the front lawn of their home.  This is when they contacted The Salvation Army who in partnership with United Way’s “Restore the Dream” was able to provide the Chapman family with mortgage and utility assistance, gift cards and rooms at a local motel until their home is ready to be occupied.

The Chapman Family may have lost everything that’s replaceable, but they examine their blessings everyday that is their incredible children, their faith in community and the Hope that resides within each family member as they rebuild their homes and their lives.  “Restore the Dream” is not just a title, project or initiative….it’s a mission and across the 5 United Way “Restore the Dream” centers here in Middle Tennessee, 780 families including the Chapmans are experiencing the realities of this mission and that soon enough, their dream to move back in and have a home once again will be restored!

If you or someone you know has been affected by the recent flooding here in Middle Tennessee, we encourage you to contact United Way’s 211 hotline to find an Official United Way “Restore the Dream” Resource Center near where you are currently residing.  To apply for assistance, you will be required to present proof of address, assistance from FEMA and proof of insurance.

Official Salvation Army “Restore the Dream” Center – Madison

Operated by The Salvation Army Citadel Corps, 425 Neelys Bend Rd, Madison, TN 37115 – Open Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. – Phone: 615-865-4297

One thought on “Good Morning (Nashville) America!

  1. I’m glad that Nashville is getting some much needed coverage on the flooding. I would also like to mention that Operation Photo Rescue (OPR) would like to help those with flood damaged photos.

    OPR will be coming to Nashville September 10-11 at Belmont University to help those with flood damaged photos. We will take digital copies of the damaged photos (20 per family), upload to our gallery for volunteers to restore. Once all the photos are done, they will be printed and shipped to the owner free of charge. Since Hurrican Katrina OPR has done over 6,000 photos. Anyone who would like more information, may contact me at mhyaes@opeationphotorescue.org


    Margie Hayes

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