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Love Lives Here!

Nestled in the Northeast area of Nashville is The Salvation Army Center of Hope, a building that houses our Families, Single Men and Single Women Transitional Housing program.  This program is designed to assist an individual or families out of homelessness and into stable housing as well as develop necessary life skills such as GED, budgeting classes, creating a resume or balancing a check book.   The Transitional Housing program provides rooms for each family complete with a full bath, small kitchen area and beds to sleep on, while the single men and single women units are set up more as a dormitory like setting with access to a recreational room just refurbished by Project ReDesign.  It now has a beautiful sectional, coffee table, bookshelf, TV and ornate lamps.   The Center of Hope also houses a childcare center for families within our program.  Kare for Kids is designed to share the love of Christ with each child as they enter it’s doors each and every day, while also providing structure and love!  These children would otherwise be homeless, walking the streets with their parents or single mom or dad or perhaps bouncing from one relatives household to the next with no firm foundation, no home to call their own.  The Center of Hope is the beacon of light that one sees amidst the darkness of  unforeseen events that can land a family or single individual into hard times, desperation and hopelessness.

Love lives here at The Salvation Army Center of Hope and you can hear and feel it all around you.  The sound of laughter as siblings chase one another on the playground or you can feel the emotion as you witness the tears of gratitude in the eyes of parents as they hold the hands of their children at the table in our main dining room, blessing the food that is before them.   Love lives here as staff and volunteers coordinate and teach various life skills learning classes to parents who wish to further their education or get back on track with their finances.

Everyday, life change is occuring and because of YOU who donate either monetarily or through the gift of your time, joy and hope are no longer out of reach!!!  Thank you!!

“How priceless is your unfailing love! Both high and low among men find refuge in the shadow of your wings.” ~ Psalm 36:7

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