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“Expect More®….by Doing the Most Good!”

Today was an incredible day for 40 of Nashville’s children as they braved the heat and headed into the cool air conditioning of their local Target located on Gallatin Rd in Madison, TN and White Bridge Rd in Nashville.  Volunteers from all over the city came out to assist our little shoppers with searching out the supplies needed to kick their school year off!

How precious it was to follow around the caravans of volunteer and child as they excitedly picked out the pinkest 3 ring binder or the shiniest folder with Star Wars or Transformers on it.  As I made my way up and down the many lanes that housed lunchboxes, backpacks, pencils, erasers and pens, I loved listening to the chatter of children enjoying the freedom of picking out items they liked and needed for school.  One little boy whispered to his volunteer, “May I please pick out a lunch box?”  An aisle over a child clung to her brand new gym shoes while she shopped, beaming and smiling so proudly!

Some of the volunteers shared they never realized that so many families did not have the means to make these types of purchases.  More or less took it for granted they everyone has the ability to start school with everything they need.  How often I have heard during Angel Tree that for a “wish” where other kids might request a Barbie or Spiderman toy, many opt for backpacks or school uniforms because they may only have one polo shirt and one pair of pants.  Parents would tell me that they have to wash the uniform every day so their child would have a clean uniform for each school day.

The Salvation Army here in Nashville is very grateful to Target for this incredible gift that was able to bless 40 children in the Nashville Metro area.  40 smiles across 40 beautiful faces lit up each aisle from 8-11 a.m. at our area Target, love was shown via every helpful volunteer and Target staff member and this is all made possible by you who choose to shop at your local Target.   Thank you for playing a role by spending your change for change!

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