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Yup, It’s a BullsEye!

The Salvation Army has once again teamed up with the folks at Target for their 2nd Annual “Target School Spree.”  By the generosity of Target, The Salvation Army across the US has the opportunity to provide much needed school supplies to under privileged children.  Last year 2,000 children started school with everything they needed with 80 Target stores participating.  This year, Target has raised the number and will be providing the needed resources to 12,000 children across the country!

The Salvation Army here in Nashville has selected 40 children within our service area for this special program to help alleviate the stress from lack of income that is needed to make the required purchases for the school year.  Staff members will be positioned at the Rivergate Target in Madison as well as the Target on White Bridge Road here in Nashville next Tuesday, August 10th from 8-11 a.m.  We are looking for volunteers to help walk with the children and assist them in the selection of school items needed.  At this time we need 16 volunteers at our RiverGate Location and 12 volunteers at the location on White Bridge.  If you have some available time in the morning, we would love to have you join us.  Please contact Director of Volunteer Services, Josh Lippincott at 242-0411 to reserve your slot!

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