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Red and Green

That’s right!  The Red Shield is all about recycling and going Green in our community.  With bins lined up outside our facility, we have designated locations inside for plastic bottles, aluminum cans, cardboard and paper.  We have even named a Chair and Co-Chair of our recycling team here at Area Command to help provide organization and monitoring of our Red and Green initiative!

Along with the tangible supplies, we opt to recycle, The Salvation Army is all about the “recycling” of life where individuals have the chance to start over and be made new in the  life they are now wanting to pursue.  The Salvation Army relishes in the opportunity it gets to provide the resources to those seeking change.  Nothing is more amazing then to witness the transformation of an individual or an entire family as they learn to balance a budget, pay their bills on time, own or rent their own home and maintain employment.  It’s amazing to watch children and teens at our community center be encouraged to realize they all have gifts and it’s with these gifts they have a chance to impact and change the world.

At The Salvation Army, yes we are now recycling and being good stewards of the materials we have and use, but at the same time we’re in the business of life change and no matter the person’s cicrumstances, we’re here to help them reach that goal and succeed never to give up or throw it away.

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