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Safe From Harm

That’s one of missions here at The Salvation Army!  To protect the children left in our care on a daily basis.  To keep them safe from any harm of any kind and to lead them in the direction of life change and hope so they have the opportunity to experience life to it’s fullest and be all that God has created them to be!

The Salvation Army operates in 122 countries and it’s within our various locatons that we run, maintain and staff community centers, schools, child care facilities and transitional housing.  At any given time we will have all ages housed or gathering in any one of our programs from ages 6 weeks to 18 years of age.  That’s why it is vital that all officers, staff and volunteers understand the importance of keeping our children safe and secure at all times.

I am proud to be one of the “Safe From Harm” trainers here in Middle Tennessee where my role is to conduct classes for all volunteers and staff on the importance of watching, interacting and working with children in our care and how to be observant of children who may be suffering abuse outside of our facility.  My goal is to educate and provide resources to those who have a heart to work with children and make sure they are properly  and appropriately ready to be an effective rolemodel and protector of the precious angels that enter our facility!

For more information on the Safe From Harm program, please click here as together we continue “Doing the Most Good” in keeping children within our communities “Safe From Harm!”

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