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Ahhh…Nothing Like the Pitter Patter of Little “Tweets”

The infamous number sign that’s found on your phone, your computer keyboard and yes…the typewriter!!  This precious little symbol is also used via the ever growing social media site Twitter and is more commonly referred to as the “hashtag.”  Originally launched in 2007 when the fires in San Diego were destroying land and homes, an individual began posting updates as they happened in his neighborhood and would prefix the word “sandiegofire” with the # symbol.  The use of the hashtag is to help spread info on any given subject or event on Twitter while helping to organize it.   Which is why every Saturday, we are encouraging our “tweeps” via Twitter to post their 140 character updates about how “They Are Behind the Red Shield” and why and be sure to include the hashtag #salarmysaturday.  We want to track what folks are saying and how their lives have changed all over the world as well as in our city of Nashville because of their relationship with The Salvation Army.  Twitter currently has #musicmonday, #charitytuesday and #followfridays so why not have one of our own that is used every week and can help bring awareness to an organization that has been serving the need since 1865 and is currently in 122 countries.

Also….Launching here in Nashville via Twitter and Facebook, will be a new campaign to help bring awareness to what it is The Salvation Army does within the community it serves.  We are excited to hear your stories of how and why you serve with us, donate to our various programs and ministries and how you may have been personally impacted by services The Salvation Army provides.  Starting July 1, we will kick off  “Behind the Red Shield” and will be featuring pictures and stories from anyone and everyone who wants to share their testimonies while posing with The Red Shield.  On our website, we will have a link for you to download your own Red Shield, then as you stand behind it, snap a picture of yourself and upload it to our Facebook page and via Twitter.

We don’t just want this to be a monthly event or last but a few weeks, we envision this to be an ongoing opportunity for our community to share with us Why they choose to give of their time, talent and treasure.  Why this organization and what has been the outcome of their investment?

We understand that this will be totally impossible without your help, your involvement and all of you spreading the word on what it is we are trying to do.  We thank you all for the support you have shown us and look forward to this endeavor!!

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