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“Doing the Most Good” with Your $$

It’s hard to believe that over a month has passed since flood waters ravaged our city and it’s surrounding neighborhoods.  Lives were lost, homes and businesses destroyed, livelihoods and memories lost, but amidst the chaos, individuals teamed together and fought back at the storm that tried to wash away what was rightfully ours!  The spirit of this city and the counties around us was inspiring and when it came time for folks to dig in their pockets to donate to those in need, there was no hesitation.

The Salvation Army here in Nashville is extremely grateful and blessed to those who donated their hard earned money and time to our relief efforts.  100 percent of what you give to disaster relief not only stays in this city but it goes directly to serve those who are in need of direct services.  Since May 1, 2010, The Salvation Army has been able to serve 21,379 individuals, this includes providing:

1200 clean up kits

7000 individuals received clothes

1800 individuals received food boxes

4000 cases of water was distributed

1250 comfort kits

and Emergency financial aid was provided to 5055 individuals

This is all thanks to over 600 donors who gave over $450,000 to the cause and the effort was powered by staff and over 840 volunteers serving over 4600 hours.

Phase II, our Recovery Phase will launch this week and more details will become available Thursday.  We will detail how your money is being used to help folks in the long term process of rebuilding their lives and once again regaining stability.

We thank you again for your support of The Salvation Army and are proud to serve the Middle Tennessee area!

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