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The Heat Is On!

For so many here in Nashville, the heat is truly on!  As the sun beats down upon the pavement and shade is not as prevalent as one might think, many of our neighbors are trying desperately to endure the warmth that is out there…families with children, the elderly and the homeless, folks that for one reason or the other do have have the luxury of flipping a switch or adjusting a thermostat that promises the outcome of a cool room or house.

Many of us run from our car to the house, our office, the store in hopes of barely grazing the thick heat that is engulfing each and every day…imagine for a second those who can’t partake in that race; they savor the moments they can spend under the shade of a tree or overpass or treasure the nighttime as the setting sun provides some relief to those residing within a house that doesn’t have air conditioning.

The Salvation Army currently operates two feeding programs, the Breakfast Brigade and Soup Wagon where staff and volunteers prepare various meals from scratch and hand out bottled water and cold iced tea to those who call the streets home or for those who opt to escape their home which ends up resembling a box of heat for a cool breeze and a refreshing meal.  We also offer a Summer Day Camp for children within our neighborhood in Northeast Nashville.  This is a place where kids can get out of the heat and enjoy arts/crafts, music, lots of water play, bible study and indoor sports.  For hours a day, children, no matter their circumstances have the opportunity to take a breather and soak in hanging out with friends, making new ones, learning new things and enjoying the coolness of our Magness Potter Community Center.  And throughout the week, our canteens head out driving down random streets and throughout neighborhoods handing out cold water to anyone who needs it.

Let’s continue to be grateful for what we have despite obstacles or hurdles we may be facing and always remember to pray and assist those who are facing crisis that surpasses our own situations.  Let’s be on the look out to find ways to always be of help and blessing to those in need.  A cold drink and shade may beat the heat, but the loving hands and giving spirit that provided it, truly melts the heart and impacts lives for years to come!

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