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Nashville – It’s All About “Others”

As we move through various neighborhoods today, feeding and offering emotional/spiritual care we have witnessed countless acts of kindness, not random, mind you, but continuous and unceasing acts of kindness.  Neighbors rolling up their sleeves, taking time off of work to help their fellow brothers and sisters make sense of their situation and move forward in restoring their lives.  And yes this can mean, physically helping folks rip out drywall, pull up flooring or remove furniture, but more importantly be that reassuring voice offering words of encouragement and be the hand that holds theirs; displaying the fact that we’re in this together.

Our canteens were out in full force all day distributing meals throughout neighborhoods and at community centers in Nashville.  The need is getting greater so we have recruited another canteen from Jackson, TN to help us continue to serve food and provide families/individuals with clothes, personal care items, cleaning supplies and water.  To date, we have served 11,603 total meals (includes meal, drink and snacks) powered by 1349 volunteer hours along with staff and officers. The Salvation Army Citadel Corps has been managing a caravan of vehicles to sweep through various hard hit areas of Madison, TN and continues to request food, cleaning supplies and bug spray to be dropped off at their location, 425 Neelys Bend Rd in Madison anytime between 9-4pm.

The men who were rescued by boat from our Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center have now been relocated temporarily to our Memphis location while clean-up occurs now that the water has receded.  The Salvation Army ARC had a mascot, a sweet precious dog named Max who they were able to get on the boat from the ARC but once on land had run off and one of our staff caught a beautiful snapshot of the reunion, when the dog returned!

One more item…do not forget the WSMV Channel 4 telethon happening tonight, 7-10pm featuring Vince Gill and friends!!!  Call in and give your support to either The Salvation Army, Red Cross or Second Harvest or give it to all three.  If you do choose to donate to The Salvation Army, please note that 100% of what you donate will go to flood relief here in Nashville!

Be blessed and we will check back in soon!

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