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Celebrating National Volunteer Week – Meet Kristen Gillespie!

It’s that time again, time to honor our most precious gift, volunteers!   They come from all backgrounds, walks of life, all ages and dispositions.  They always show up when you need help the most and never tire of serving those in need.  They seek out ways to give back to their community and without hesitation, share with others how it has changed their life.  At The Salvation Army in Nashville, we work along side an “Army” of volunteers who donate their talents to the various programs within our Center of Hope and Community Center.  Our volunteers work long hours into the night for days on end whenever disaster strikes and there are meals to be served, coffee to be poured and prayer to be given.  Our volunteers commit to various shifts within the Christmas season to ring bells on street corners in frigid conditions or work in a warehouse sorting through thousands of bags; making sure gifts are there for each member of a family.  We are blessed with some incredible folks and each day for the remainder of the week, we will highlight individuals or groups that are truly “Doing the Most Good” within Nashville.

Meet Kristen Gillespie, a fun and outgoing chick who I have had the pleasure of working with on many occasions.  Kristen comes to us from the for-profit world of retail and like many Americans felt the burn of the economy as her position was eliminated after over 13 years of service.  Kristen immediately sought to find something to keep her busy and fulfilled.  As she was driving down the street one day, she passed our canteen serving breakfast on Main Street in front of the East Nashville Cooperative Ministry.  Kristen gave it a shot one day and has been serving with us ever since August 2009!  Kristen has also partnered with us during the Angel Tree season, helping us register families, man angel tree booths, organize our toy shop, sort and tag gifts as they arrived into the warehouse and distribute gifts to the families at the closing of our program.  And with Kristen, it doesn’t stop there….Kristen has assisted us within our administrative department which includes helping us with letter writing, filing and sorting, she manned a warming shelter for the homeless in conjunction with The Salvation Army and the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) and participated in the “Walk a Mile In My Shoes” fundraiser with The Key Alliance and The Salvation Army this past weekend!  Kristen encourages folks to “take that step and just go for it.  If you’ve ever thought about volunteering you need to just do it, you won’t regret it.”

Thank you Kristen for your heart to serve!!!  And be sure to catch Kristen’s live radio interview on Red Highlights via Blog Talk Radio!

2 thoughts on “Celebrating National Volunteer Week – Meet Kristen Gillespie!

  1. Kristen adds joy to everything she is connected with. She is warm and kind and most of all she loves to be happy and give happiness to others.

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