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Home Sweet Home

We are super excited here Behind the Red Shield as we officially launch the “Home Sweet Home” project.  You may be wondering who’s home are we makin’ sweet???  The many family suites here at The Salvation Army designed to provide a home for families who have lost everything and need some help getting back on their feet and transition out of homelessness into permanent housing.  Families can stay in this program for up to 2 years, are assigned a case manager, child care is available to them as well as various classes and Life Skills programs.  The suites are in need of upgrades after many years of use.  Paint is fading, blinds and curtains are losing their color and there is always an ongoing need for blankets, pillows, sheets, towels, wash cloths, bath rugs, etc.  Anything that would make this small room, comfortable; provide them with a little piece of home.

For those interested in partnering with us, there are 3 ways to give!  One, you can adopt an entire suite, which would include funding the remodel of the entire room, curtains, bedding, painting, etc.  The suite would then be named after you, your family or a loved one that you would like to honor in their memory.  Second option is to simply donate a particular item or items such as pillows, sheets, blankets, etc as well as health and beauty items, deodorant, soap, shampoo, etc.  Many of these families have little to nothing as they arrive on our door step, families in tow, so whatever we can do to provide them with the necessities, it would be a blessing to them!

Third way you can give back is to browse through the Private Quarters catalog, which is a direct sell company that features very comfy bedding, towels, etc and 15% of what you purchase during the month of April will be donated to The Salvation Army, Home Sweet Home project.

All of us enjoy the comfort of our home, the soft lighting, various colored curtains, soft bedding, fluffy towels and freshly painted walls.  Many families, though do not have that luxury and because of circumstances, sometimes way beyond their control, they end up losing everything with no choice but to start over.  By upgrading these rooms, it lifts the spirits of those who have seen nothing but cloudy days and as they progress in the program and slowly gain their independence and confidence back, they will never forget the “Temporary Home” they were placed in as it became their springboard to a new life.
Interested in donating or adopting a room, please contact Jen Eldridge at 615-242-0411

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